Project Scorpio Price, Official Name, Release Date Likely Revealed By Microsoft's E3 2017 Teaser Trailers

Ahead of its official unveiling this weekend, Microsoft is suspected to have already hidden relevant hints regarding its Project Scorpio game system. Reports have noted that the sneaky hints apparently reveal its official name, release date, and price prior its scheduled E3 2017 keynote this Sunday. Most gamers are already aware that the new game console will launch sometime close to the holiday season. However, the teaser videos appear to have the exact release date revealed.

Release Date

First of all, a couple of teaser videos were released to hype up the Project Scorpio keynote at for E3 2017. Vigilant viewers who paused through some of the scenes in the teasers apparently picked up a couple of plainly hidden hints. Game Rant claims that further scrutiny reveals that these held relevant clues about the new platform. One of the teaser trailers has a brief shot of a crowd surrounding a stage, but the scene passes by quickly for anyone to notice the first time. It was noted that a text string that says X10S101-317 stands out as being edited in the video. Further analysis of the text reveals that the numbers after the letter S are "101317" minus the dash, which could be translated to Oct. 13, 2017.

Official Name

The E3 teaser trailers also seem to reveal the official name of the Project Scorpio. Going back to the text string X10S101-317, after the date was revealed in the above paragraph, the remaining characters are "X10S". Most analysts deduce that the Scorpio will be called the Xbox 10 S. Microsoft was recently reported to have filed a trademark for a logo bearing a gray S with a gap in along the middle. There was no other information associated with the application document so it's safe to assume that the "S" could be in the official name once it is officially revealed.

Price And Other Details

The other detail spotted among the Project Scorpio's E3 2017 teasers trailers is the text alongside the shot with the Ferris wheel. It says "6>4" which industry insiders speculate to be shot towards the PS4 Pro's 4.12 teraflop GPU compared to the Scorpio's 6, as claimed by The Verge. The only detail not directly found in any of the teaser videos is console's price. Searching the text string "X10S101-317" in Google shows a magazine ad from Radio Electronics dated August 1980. The image shows a robot that looks like R2D2 and text that say "Build This Robot for Under $400," which obviously hints at a $399.99 price. The clue leading to the system's price might be difficult to reproduce since the media coverage has affected the Google search results.

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