Project Scorpio To Be Called Xbox S?

All eyes are on Microsoft as they prepare to take center stage during at E3 2017 to officially introduce their next flagship game system to the world. Ever since its announcement, the new console has been internally called Project Scorpio and has been codenamed as such for the past year. However, a recent trademark filed by the company has prompted several sources to assume that it will be called the Xbox S.

The discovery was allegedly made by NeoGAF user as he was supposedly viewing European Union Intellectual Property Office web page. Microsoft apparently applied for the trademark on June 6, 2017, which is as recent as it gets. Game Rant explains that there is no other information included in the documents other than a logo. The design is described to very simple gray S with a gap located around its midsection, which led analysts to suspect the name Xbox S as the official designation for its Project Scorpio.

Other sources agree that Microsoft does not have any other significant products in the works except for Project Scorpio, which strongly indicates that the trademark and logo translate into Xbox S. The gaming community is very eager to finally see the supposed next-gen console after the manufacturer has repeatedly teased them with small tidbits of information. They have also announced that the new gaming system will launch this year.

Based on their analysis, The Verge agrees that the timing of their recent trademark filing is definitely hard to ignore. Microsoft has continually showcased its Project Scorpio dev kit over on social media multiple times. They have also verified that the company has already filed the trademark for their Surface Studio name, which was reportedly done last year. This leaves the public to assume that it could really be called the Xbox S.

Microsoft has just shared a new video showcasing more of the Project Scorpio dev kit. Gamers will finally know the release date, price, accessories, and software of the Xbox S this Sunday. Meanwhile, a leaked ad revealed that Sony will debut a new gold-colored PS4 Slim 1TB next week, while Nintendo has again opted to shy away from a separate press conference, unlike its competitors.

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