Overwatch Datamine Reveals Icons For Summer Event

Dataminers have gone through the Overwatch files on the PTR and have come across icons for the summer games event. Meanwhile, find out when the Anniversary event will come to a close.

The Anniversary event is still ongoing yet fans have already uncovered new details pointing to the new event. According to PVP Live, they were able to unearth some new player icons in this year's Summer Games event. This time, it seems like the focus will be on maps on real life locations. However, this does not mean that they tie in with Overwatch hero origins.

These new areas comprise of New Zealand, Iraq, India, Spain, and Antarctica. The maps tie in with the lore of certain heroes like the Junkers, Mei, and Symmetra. They also have ties with certain maps like Oasis and Watchpoint: Gibraltar.

It's no surprise that Blizzard has decided to bring the event back as game director Jeff Kaplan stated that Year Two would be mostly about improving existing events from the previous year. Moreover, Mei actually had a spray that hinted about its return. Kaplan also stated that they were going to slow down the event schedule for players not to experience fatigue.

With this in mind, the original summer games began back on Aug. 2 so it seems likely that the said date will be when the next event happens. Meanwhile, the Anniversary event is still in full swing with the Double EXP weekend in place. Fans should grind in-game to earn as much lootboxes as they can. Heavy shares that the event will officially come to a close on June 12, effectively locking out all the exclusive items.

If players have enough credits, they should start planning on what cosmetics they want to buy. Overwatch is playable on the PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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