Clash Royale Rolls Out Balance Changes; 8 Cards Getting Buffed; 6 Cards Getting Nerfed

Supercell recently confirmed that Clash Royale will have some major balance changes in several cards of the game. According to a recent announcement on Twitter, the game developer will roll out these changes early next week. It seems some of the cards will be buffed while others will be nerfed. What are the cards that will be affected by these changes?

There will be more than 10 cards that will be affected by these balance changes in Clash Royale. Among them are Goblin Gang, Night Witch, Tornado and many more. The changes will be effective on June 12. Apparently, Supercell is implementing these changes to the most popular cards in the game's roster.

What Cards Are Going To Be Buffed?

The latest announcement from Supercell indicates that there are eight cards that are going to be buffed in the latest Clash Royale update. Tornado, Poison, and Heal will undergo Spell Stacking so that gamers will be able to stack them for double effectiveness. A buff on the Battle Ram used by the Barbarians during battles will prevent it from being destroyed when it is hit by the Bowler, Executioner or Log.

Other cards in Clash Royale that were buffed in the latest balance changes are the Inferno Dragon, the Bandit, the Witch and the Clone. Details about the specific changes done to this card are revealed in a report based on the information shared by the game developer.

What Cards Are Getting Nerfed?

Meanwhile, a total of six cards is getting nerfed in the latest balance changes done in Clash Royale. One of these cards is the Night Witch. It seems Supercell thought that the powers of this mischievous dark character are too much for her enemies so, the developer toned her abilities down. Tornado's power is getting reduced as well, and so with four other cards including the Bats, the Skeletons, the Goblin Gang and the Log.

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