Lauren Graham Thinks 'Gilmore Girls' Shouldn't Be Revived Anymore

It has been months since Netflix released the short sequel to the popular television series “Gilmore Girls”. Since then, fans have been asking for more but it seems like it will not happen as one of its stars thinks it’s a risky idea.

“Gilmore Girls” made its debut on the small screen in October 2000 and ended its run in May 2007 after seven great seasons. After almost a decade, Netflix announced that it will be reviving the show with some few episodes to delve on how things are going with the Gilmores. “Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life” was aired on Nov. 25 last year with only four episodes.

The four episodes may have been enough to reveal the present situation of the main characters but fans simply want the show revived with a full season. The possibility of it happening has always been in the air because there are various potential storylines to touch but it was never confirmed. Actress Alexis Bledel has always been open to the idea of reviving the show, even saying that she is willing to reprise her role as Rory Gilmore.

However, Lauren Graham has a different take on this matter. Graham, who plays the role of Lorelai Gilmore and Rory's mother, has shared her thoughts on the revival of “Gilmore Girls”, admitting that the sequel left off with a cliffhanger. But she doesn’t think there should be more episodes since she thinks the sequel was already a perfect experience with the way it left off.

Graham revealed that after filming for the sequel, she just could not see “Gilmore Girls” having more episodes. She pointed out that fans most likely want a reboot just for the sake of enjoyment and that’s probably the only reason left. Graham added that continuing “Gilmore Girls” is risky because it will eventually somehow disappoint the fans.

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