The Real Reason Why Netflix Wants To Cancel More Shows

Netflix has announced new upcoming shows this year but they have also revealed a lot of titles being taken off the network. The several cancellations have gotten fans puzzled and upset. The real reason behind this cancellations has finally been put into light.

Netflix has continuously revealed worthy series with some even running for a few seasons. However, this year was met with several canceled shows, a few more than the usual number. In addition to that, fans were surprised that Netflix actually pulled the plug off from their shows that were actually doing pretty well with viewership ratings. Two of the biggest and unwanted surprises this year was the cancellation of the hip musical series, “Get Down” and fictional drama, “Sense8”.

Though Netflix had explained that “Get Down” has been removed from their list because of its director’s lack of commitment, fans just could not understand why they could not just get a new one. The said show was especially one of Netflix’s most expensive production. With people noticing Netflix axing more shows, Netflix CEO and founder Reed Hastings revealed the reason behind the cancellations

Hastings shared that they have been axing some shows because Netflix has been enjoying an extremely high hit ratio because of too many successful shows. Because of this, they decided to cancel few shows because he wants to push the content team to take risks and try out more crazy things. He used “13 Reasons Why” to illustrate his point, saying that they knew it was a great series but they never knew that the show would actually hit it off and become widely popular.

Hastings, of course, wants Netflix to be successful but he wants the service to grow. According to Variety, the Netflix CEO doesn’t seem bothered by the number of canceled shows. He further explained that a network should have more things that do not work out so that it grow aggressive and show better results.

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