'Sense8' Cancellation Pushes Through, Netflix Ignores Fans' Protest

By Rae Mendez , Jun 12, 2017 06:28 AM EDT

Netflix has canceled a number of its shows despite how well they are doing with viewership ratings. “The Get Down” and “Sense8” are two of the unfortunate shows to see an immature end. Fans of the show, “Sense8” has banded together in protest of the cancellation.

Netflix recently announced the cancellation of “Sense8” prior to the release of its second season. The announcement was met with uproar from fans and they have taken to social media to voice out their concerns. Countless fans have posted on social media asking Netflix to renew Sense8 and even explained why the said show should keep going.

An online petition for “Sense8” Season 3 and its renewal has been made and it has already gathered more than 492,000 signatures from supporters. The petition stated that pulling off the plug from the said Netflix show was unexpected. It added that the supporters found it odd that a show that has been well-received and garnered a positive response from a huge heterogeneous audience suddenly gets canceled.

However, it seems like the petition will be for naught and will fall on deaf ears as Netflix is determined to push through with the cancellation of “Sense8”. Ted Sarandos, chief content officer for Netflix, revealed and explained that the cancellation of “Sense8” as well as “The Get Down” boils down to economics. Sarandos further explained that it would have been great spending on a show if it had a bigger audience but the shows were reportedly the most expensive productions and it only attracted a small margin of the audience despite the great reviews.

Netflix also revealed before that canceling some of its shows had also something to do with content. They wanted the content team to be more creative and take on risky stories. One of the best illustrations is “13 Reasons Why”, which Netflix knew was good but didn’t expect to be a hit.

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