'Stranger Things' Season 2 Set To Be Darker And Disturbing

“Stranger Things” Season 2 has yet to be released but hints of what to expect in the new installment have been revealed. The second season of the said Netflix show is said to delve into a darker and more disturbing realm.

Will Byers Suffers More In “Stranger Things” Season 2

Netflix premiered “Stranger Things” in July 2016 and the story reveals one of the lead characters being chased by an otherworldly entity. Will Byers stumbles into the upside down world and remains there, leading the quiet town of Hawkins, Indiana in a state of panic amidst his abduction. Anyone who has seen the first season of the series will know the terror Will went through hiding from the Demogorgon while trying to survive in another dimension.

It seems like Will will be going through more hardship as it has been revealed that he will suffer the most in the second season of “Stranger Things”. Child actor Finn Wolfhard who plays the role of Mike Wheeler revealed that the first episode of the next season will put Will into a scary place and very disturbing things will happen to him. The first season concluded with Will vomiting something odd, which could be a side effect of staying in the upside down world and of him being abducted by an alien.

Mike Wheeler In Despair After Eleven’s Sacrifice

The first season of “Stranger Things” featured Eleven sacrificing her life to save the boys from the monster. Mike, who has grown fond of Eleven, is said to have a grim role in the next season. It was teased that the young boy will portray a dark character who seemed to have given up on life, which is opposite of his positive personality depicted in the first season.

As Will and Mike go through dark phases, their friends will be aware of it especially of Will’s predicament. However, it was revealed that the boys will act as if nothing has changed. Showrunners assured fans that “Stranger Things” Season 2 will still be fun and have that sense of wonder but the horror will be more up-close and personal.

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