'The Winds Of Winter' Delayed Release: George R.R. Martin Slammed By His Fans

It is no hidden fact that George R.R. Martin is swamped with a lot of writing tasks this year and probably the next few years. Just recently, the celebrated author announced that he had been working on the successor shows of “Game of Thrones”. Due to overwhelming tasks, Martin has reportedly stopped working on “The Winds of Winter” once again.

Not so long ago, George R.R. Martin revealed that he and four other writers worked on the scripts of possible prequel spin-offs of “Game of Thrones”. Along with that, he assured fans that he’s already working on “The Winds of Winter” again and even revealed that it will not tackle Robert’s rebellion. However, after some time, it was then revealed that Martin has decided to halt his work on the last two novels of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series so he can focus on the last season of “Game of Thrones” and its planned spinoffs.

Martin’s act of putting off his work on “The Winds of Winter” again and again has sparked debate with fans that have lost any remaining hope that they have of ever seeing the last two novels published. Some fans have even brought up their frustration over the fact that there are fewer updates on the “Game of Thrones” books compared to Martin’s other novels. Because the books have been set aside indefinitely, fans are eager to know about what’s really happening in the world of Westeros because the television series just isn’t enough.

Martin, of course, countered the angry posts from disappointed fans and pointed out that they shouldn’t be looking down on him for not working on “A Song of Ice and Fire” solely because he has other works to focus on and other things to tend to in life. The author aimed for a 2017 release for “The Winds of Winter” but that seems unlikely now. “Game of Thrones” Season 8 is rumored to be delayed because the production wants to give Martin some time to finish his novels.

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