Android O Debuts Incognito Mode For Chrome

The latest beta for Android O comes with a new feature that will certainly be favorable to everybody. The Developer Preview 3 or DP3 of the new Android O operating system now allows Gboard to utilize Chrome's incognito mode.

What's even more exciting is that the keyboard will, as Phone Arena put it, "forget" what it is typing. This basically means that users will no longer have to deal with the keyboard suggestions when using the incognito mode. Before, Google allows keyboard suggestions to appear despite being on incognito more. This nullifies any effort on the part of the user to hide what he is searching.

Android Police noted that instead of keyboard suggestions, the popular fedora and glasses icon will appear on the keyboard which will also look darker. The new feature means any device running on Android 8.0 or Android O will have the keyboard suggestions disabled as the Gboard will no longer remember the keywords.

The Android O and Apple's iOS 11 were recently released and very little are known about the two operating systems. However, the little information we have points to the Android O as the better OS. However, it is still too early to finalize this assumption so it's logical to wait for the two to be available to see which one is the better operating system.

As mentioned, the Android 8.0 operating system is still in beta testing. Despite being included in the Android O DP3, the improved incognito mode has not yet been finalized. Furthermore, the incognito mode can't be enabled or disabled in settings on Gboard for the time being. The feature can only be activated if the user has the Dev version of Google Chrome in incognito mode. In other words, only those enrolled in Google's Android Beta program can get to experience the new and improved incognito mode.

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