Destiny 2 Reveal Trailer Shows Off Brand New Planets

Bungie has revealed a new trailer of Destiny 2 in a recent event. Avid fans of the game were able to get a look at the brand new planets that will be available to gamers once the game is released. But other gamers around the world can see the trailer for themselves at the end of this article.

There Will Be Four Brand New Planets And A New Solar System

The trailer also showed some tiny bits of Destiny 2's gameplay. However, the real focus of the trailer is the revelation of the brand new worlds that the game developers have included in the video game. Several primary worlds were featured in the reveal trailer. They include Titan (a moon of Saturn), Io, Nessus and the European Dead Zone.

Apparently, apart from the brand new planets, there will also be another solar system in the upcoming Destiny 2 game. This was mentioned by the Traveller before the whole system collapsed. There will also be new gameplay modes, strikes, raids and much more.

This is The Biggest World That They Have Created So Far

The reveal trailer also features some of the developers talking about the development process they undertook in Destiny 2. One of the developers revealed that the European Dead Zone is one of the largest worlds that they have created for the video game. Apparently, there's a place of refuge in the EDZ where the remnants of humanity were able to escape and live.

These were the same group of developers who built and created the worlds of the original three Halo games. So, they could already be considered experts in their field. And that says a lot about the brand new planets that fans of Destiny 2 can expect to see when it finally lands in their hands.

The scheduled release of Destiny 2, according to official announcements from Bungie, is Sept. 8, 2017. It will go for the price of US $51.80 a piece.

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