Destiny 2 Unveils New Trailer, Primary Villain, PS4 Exclusive Content At Sony’s Show Time E3 2017

Destiny 2 unveils its new trailer during Sony's recent Show Time at E3 2017. The new primary villain of the upcoming video game was also revealed along with other important information about its console-exclusive content. It seems the new game will have a new primary villain.

The Reveal Trailer Introduced Ghaul - The New Primary Villain

Among other things, the reveal trailer of Destiny 2 featured Ghaul. This character is being touted as the primary villain of the Guardians for this new video game. How will this evil character make life harder for the already embattled and war-weary legion of heroes? 

Sony Announces Destiny 2's Beta Release Dates

In a related matter, the beta release date of Destiny 2 is supposed to be announced also at the PlayStation E3 conference. Activision has now confirmed that the beta will start on July 18 for PS4 gamers who will pre-order their copies of the game. Xbox One users will have their beta trials the day after.

There will also be an open beta for console owners scheduled on July 21. PC users will also have their chance but it will come in late August. The Destiny 2 beta tests for all platforms will end on July 23.

Here Are Some Details About The PS4 Exclusive Content

Sony also revealed other details about Destiny 2's PS4 exclusive content at its E3 2017 Show Time event. Among these details are about a ship called City Apex, a strike mission called "Lake of Shadows," and an exotic weapon called Borealis. The tech company also shared information about the upcoming game's various types of gears.

In case gamers think that these contents are only good for PS4, Sony made it clear that it will also be made available also on other platforms. The PS4 exclusive contents for Destiny 2 will only last for the first year after game launch. After that, these contents will be made available to Xbox One, PC and other platforms. Console owners can get their copies on Sept. 6, while PC owners can buy theirs on Oct. 24.

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