YouTube Star Austin Jones Accused Of Soliciting Explicit Videos From Underage Viewers; Released On Bail

Another YouTube star has just been swarmed with scandal after he was accused of engaging in illicit acts. YouTube star Austin Jones has reportedly been asking his underage fans for explicit videos.

Austin Jones, who is popularly known as a YouTube singer with millions of followers, was recently arrested and charged with two counts of producing child pornography. The online star allegedly requested sexually explicit videos from two 14-year old female fans in 2016 and 2017. He reportedly encouraged the two fans to send the videos to prove that they were truly his fans.

Jones was arrested earlier this week at O’Hare International Airport in Chicago. Authorities found countless pornographic videos saved on the YouTube star’s phones. Jones’s lawyer Gerardo Solo Guiterrez simply said that the 24-year old singer is scared. However, Jones’s family recently fired Guiterrez and contacted a new lawyer who refused to give further comment on the matter.

On June 15, Jones was released on bail after a hearing. However, the judge has ordered him to strictly stay offline, away from the internet, and even forbid him to use social media. The judge added that Jones must remain with his mother 24 hours a day in her home in Chicago. Federal prosecutors continue to argue that the YouTube star is a danger to the community and that he will most likely flee. If convicted, Jones can face at least 15 years of jail time.

This was not the first time Jones was involved in a scandalous controversy. In 2015, the young singer was faced with the same accusations. At that time, he asked female fans to send him videos of them twerking. After his arrest earlier this week, fans who were aware of his unbecoming behavior, expressed how relieved they were that legal actions are finally being taken against Jones.

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