Marketing: why having a website is not good enough

Marketing: why having a website is not good enough

The famous quote from Field of Dreams that suggests, ‘if you build it and they will come,’ is a philosophy to which many website owners subscribe. They believe that once they have spent their cash on building a website that they will suddenly have traffic. They could not be more wrong if they tried. A website by itself is completely useless and if you haven’t budgeted for marketing and promotional costs once it is live then you have missed a trick. All a website is an address on the internet – to be found it needs to be known about and that is where digital marketing comes in. If this is not something that you have considered, then here are a few reasons to help you change your mind.

by Staff Reporter

Google Maps Adds New Features and The Police may not be Happy

Google Maps Adds New Features and The Police May Not be Happy

The NYPD has previously issued a statement and hoped Google will remove a controversial feature.

by Nhx T.

iPhone 11 Pro vs Pixel 4

The Ultimate Mobile Camera Showdown: Pixel 4 vs. iPhone 11 Pro

Check out which smartphone has the more powerful camera between Pixel 4 and iPhone 11 Pro as they battle it out in a real photography challenge.

by Olivia Cora

Google Pixel 4

Google Unveils Pixel 4 and Other New Devices in This Year's 'Made by Google' Hardware Event

Along with the Pixel 4 smartphone, Google gave a preview of new and upcoming products such as the Pixel Buds 2, Pixelbook Go, and many more.

by Lola Louson

Hong Kong Protesters

Apple, Google Take Down Various Apps Used by Hong Kong Protesters

Google and Apple Inc. are currently facing criticism after removing certain apps that are correlated to ongoing Hong Kong protests from their respective download stores.

by Lola Louson

Google Home Mini

3 Things Google Home Can Do That Other Digital Assistants Like Alexa and Siri Can't

In the battle of the most popular digital assistants, Google Home surpasses both Siri and Alexa with the help of three distinct and impressive features.

by Lola Louson


Google's New Revolutionary Password Checkup Can Tell if Your Password Has Been Compromised

Google launches Password Checkup, a new platform that can help identify weak, reused, and compromised passwords with one click.

by Lola Louson

Huawei Mate 30 Pro

A Website Allowing Huawei to Download Google Apps Got Shut Down

Recently, the internet was introduced to a new method of downloading Google apps on smartphones in an attempt to bring Google apps on Huawei's Mate 30 Pro. Unfortunately, the website was shut down, and Huawei users are left with no way of getting any Google apps anymore.

by Lola Louson

YouTube Music Logo

YouTube Music is Soon Replacing Google Play Music as the Newest Android Phones' Default Music Player

Aside from the change in Google’s dessert-themed naming scheme with Android 10, a changeover between YouTube Music and Google Play Music as Android's default music player has been announced by Google.

by Lola Louson

Microsoft Confirms New Foldable Duo Smartphone in Surprise Announcement

Microsoft Confirms Impending Release of New Foldable Duo Smartphone in Surprise Announcement

Microsoft surprised their loyal followers when they announced the arrival of a new foldable duo smartphone which will be available in 2020.

by Nhx T.

Google Kicks Off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with New Features

Google Kicks Off Cybersecurity Awareness Month with New Features

Google announces new features on Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Youtube to improve your privacy and security.

by Nhx T.


HTC Will Build Another Flagship Phone, Even After Billion-Dollar Deal with Google

HTC is showing signs of revival with the announcement of $1.1 billion smartphone business deal with Google.

by Vinod Yalburgi

Nexus 6P

Google Replacing Defective Nexus 6Ps with Pixel XL for Free

Owners of defective Nexus 6P units in the US and Canada are now receiving Google Pixel XL as free replacement.

by Vinod Yalburgi

Google Pixel

Hurricane Harvey Victims Eligible for Free Google Pixel Replacements

Google offers respite to Hurricane Harvey victims with free device replacements, taking cues from Apple.

by Vinod Yalburgi

Android 8.0 Oreo

Google Pixel Users on Oreo Complain of Unexpected Mobile Data Shutdown

Google has acknowledged mobile data issues with Pixels running on Oreo update via its official product forums.

by Vinod Yalburgi

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