Tiger in Augmented Reality

Meet Animals Personally As Google's Augmented Reality Brings Creatures To Life

Take the chance to see animals in real-life as Google's AR technology puts them right inside your home

by Renz

Google Doodle Releases a Series of Mini-Games to Keep People Inside: Doodle the Coronavirus Away!

Simple Google Doodle Games to Play While Passing the Time: Doodle the Coronavirus Away!

Google Doodle will be releasing a series of mini-games to keep people from getting bored. Doodle the coronavirus away!

by Urian

Machine Learning

Chimera is Google's New Contender In Simplifying Game Development By Reducing The Amount Of Work For Any Needed Process

Google is revolutionizing the gaming industry through machine learning sampled on the massive multiplayer game 'World of Warcraft'. Check out how it works.

by Renz

Join over One Million Users who Downloaded Google Stadia App with its Free Premium Access: Here's How

Join over One Million Users Who Downloaded Google Stadia App with its Free Premium Access: Here's How

Alphabet Inc., wouldn't release any official figures yet for its cloud streaming games service, but thanks to Google Stadia app, we have a way to guess its current player base.

by Krisana E.

Google Search's New Feature

Google Search Now Knows What You Want To Watch Next: How Does It Do That?

Bored at home due to coronavirus stay-at-home policy? Let Google help you decide what to watch next on whatever streaming platform you.use

by Renz

August Home August Smart Lock Pro

Keep Your Home Safe With These Secure Smart Keyless Door Locks; Never Worry About Losing Your Key Ever Again!

If you want to keep your home secure, then look at the best keyless door locks you can buy so you wouldn't need to worry about a key again

by Renz

Google Gmail page on the Apple MacBook Pro, Gmail app on iPad Pro, Gmail splash screen with logo on iPhone 7 and notification icon on Apple Watch. Office desk concept.

How To Share Google Contacts With Other Gmail Users

There are a couple of ways you could share Google contacts with other Gmail users.

by Joseph West

Shoppers keep a social distance outside a grocery store in Washington

Everyone May Need a Smartphone to Reopen Society: Contract Tracing Apps Could Be The Key!

There is ongoing research that says that contact tracing can be done with the use of an application! The downside would be that everyone would need a smartphone, to begin with.

by Urian

Facebook's AI Runs 5x Faster on GPUs and Now Beats Google: What on Earth Could Facebook Be Capable of Doing Now?

Facebook's AI Beats Google: Runs 5x Faster on GPUs!

Facebook's new AI called the RegNet works much faster than Google's EfficientNet! What could be next for Facebook?

by Urian

Google Doodle Honors Everyone Fighting the Coronavirus With a Touching Message!

Google Doodle Has a Touching Message For Everyone Fighting the Coronavirus!

Google Doodle has just recently decided to honor everyone fighting the coronavirus with a touching message!

by Urian

RIP Dame Jean Macnamara: Google Doodle Honors the Polio Doctor in a Creative Way Despite April Fools' Day

RIP to Dame Jean Macnamara: Google Doodle Comes Up With A Creative Way to Honor the Polio Doctor Despite April Fools' Day

Google Doodle has decided not to celebrate the usual April Fools' Day with a wacky gimmick. Instead, Google has decided to honor the life of polio doctor, Dame Jean Macnamara.

by Urian

Zoom is Compromised! Could Google Hangouts Meets Be Better?

Google Hangouts Meets or Zoom? After Zoom Recently Sued, Can It Be Trusted?

Zoom has just recently been sued for leaking the personal data of its users to Facebook, which begs the question, could Google Hangouts Meets be more reliable?

by Urian

Small toy figures are seen in front of diplayed Zoom logo

[Lawsuit] Zoom Sued for Allegedly Leaking User Data to Facebook: Appla Mac Users May Be Compromised

Zoom has allegedly leaked out some sensitive personal data to Facebook due to misleading claims when it comes to security and privacy.

by Urian

Marketing: why having a website is not good enough

Marketing: why having a website is not good enough

The famous quote from Field of Dreams that suggests, ‘if you build it and they will come,’ is a philosophy to which many website owners subscribe. They believe that once they have spent their cash on building a website that they will suddenly have traffic. They could not be more wrong if they tried. A website by itself is completely useless and if you haven’t budgeted for marketing and promotional costs once it is live then you have missed a trick. All a website is an address on the internet – to be found it needs to be known about and that is where digital marketing comes in. If this is not something that you have considered, then here are a few reasons to help you change your mind.

by Staff Reporter

Google Maps Adds New Features and The Police may not be Happy

Google Maps Adds New Features and The Police May Not be Happy

The NYPD has previously issued a statement and hoped Google will remove a controversial feature.

by Nhx T.

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