Overwatch Recreated As A Classic JRPG Is Surprisingly Cool [VIDEO]

Overwatch has become a template for first-person shooter games, or at least one would decide to make it an inspiration. Still, playing this game requires a lot of patience and skills, something that players cannot achieve in one single sitting. Apparently, a group of fans tried to re-imagine the game in a setting that does not require the complexity that Blizzard wants from the community.

According to The Verge, a YouTube channel by the name of The Salt Factory released a video re-imagining Overwatch in a turn-based combat format. A party of four consisting McCree, Reinhardt, Mercy and Bastion can be seen fighting Roadhog. Each of the move the characters make cost them ability point. As for the ultimate, it charges in every turn before they can even use it again.

Dot Esports notes that the re-imagined game is also packed with classic Final Fantasy music and sound effects. These make the game, in a new setting and combat system, apt for the turn-based genre. While this is not the kind of game the fans of the title are introduced to, it cannot be denied that a JRPG version is cool and worth it.

USGamer points out that Overwatch placed at a class turn-based setting will reach new markets. After all, this genre became a huge success and its influence is still felt even up to this day. Perhaps, in one way or another, Blizzard can venture on a version for this kind of combat setting.

Clearly, a JRPG Overwatch version can be something new within the community. It does not necessarily have to top the base game, but at least it can supplement the trend. But of course, it cannot be denied that it is a long shot. In fact, some players even doubt if the studio gives in to the idea. Either that, it is an interesting thing to look forward to. Watch the six-minute video below!

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