Overwatch Update: Fix For Horizon Lunar Colony Sniping Point Coming

Blizzard has made an impressive job in keeping the hype built around Overwatch. However, as soon as the new map called Horizon Lunar Colony was introduced, players found out that there is this disadvantageous spot. Apparently, most of them find it unacceptable.

According to PVPLive, somewhere in the aforementioned Overwatch map, players are able to maximize their sniping skills. This is particularly on the second defense point in which snipers acquire a much clearer line of sight. As a result, they can snipe and kill players at ease. Obviously, as soon as this was discovered, tons of players started exploiting the area.

To give a much clearer idea, a GIF was uploaded online. As displayed, the point becomes a very advantageous location for the defenders. This is most especially if they use characters such as Widowmaker and Ana. These heroes, in particular, can set up an easy kill thanks to this sightline.

While this can be an interesting location to begin with, it is still unfair and, well, imbalance. Fortunately, Blizzard is reportedly working on an Overwatch patch that will fix this exploit. Good thing, too, the map only exists in the public test realm of the game, thus developers still have the window to make things right.

Other players also voiced out their opinions, suggesting that the Horizon Lunar Colony map in Overwatch is somewhat unfair to attackers. That is because the entire route for them are just exposed, leaving them vulnerable to any incoming attacks from the defenders. Again, this is expected to be reviewed and fixed. After all, this is what the PTR is all about.

In related Overwatch news, Dot Esports reports that the forthcoming art book of the game called The Art of Overwatch looks very interesting. All in all, it offers a total of 368 pages, all featuring the creative process of the team behind the titular shooter title. It is worth noting that this will arrive in two editions, the standard edition and the limited edition.

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