Here's How Overwatch Voice Actors Do Dance Emotes In Real Life

It holds true that each of the characters in Overwatch presents a very interesting background and personality trait. Interestingly, this goes the same with the voice actors behind the game's heroes. In fact, they did some very compelling dance showdown, which is actually similar to the in-game emote dances.

According to Polygon, the voice actress behind Symmetra in Overwatch named Anjali Bhimani compiled a video featuring the dancing skills of the game's various heroes. On it, people can see the voice casts each having the time of their lives dancing out the respective emotes of their characters. While some, if not all, were obviously not gifted when it comes to dancing, it is still funny to see them dance to the tune.

The video, which is embedded below, was basically compiled from a footage grab during a so-called New York visit, as reported by Kotaku. Some parts of it also showcase a gathering of all the game's actors in Los Angeles, while some were simply baked straight from home. Regardless, they're all worth watching.

PVPLive notes that, in one way or another, what the Overwatch actors did was a smart move. That's because it's a surefire way for them to keep the community engaged. It simply keeps the momentum and/or hype of the game afloat, something that has somehow been disturbed due to the controversial loot boxes in the game's Anniversary event. Who knows, they might do this thing at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).

As for the dance emotes in the game, they're currently locked to the aforementioned event. The latter is believed to end today, June 12, though no exact time. Blizzard has yet to reveal this sort of information as of this writing. The event is expected to end alongside the recently unleashed double XP weekend, which allowed players to gain a good amount of experience points while playing the game.

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