Activision Blizzard Signs Two-Year Deal With Twitch To Stream All Upcoming eSports Events

Activision Blizzard has become one of the mammoths in the eSports industry. This reputation will further reach greater heights, as they have signed a deal with Twitch to ensure third-party streaming rights for all the eSports events of the studio. This is definitely a huge milestone for gamers and players alike.

According to The Esports Observer, Activision Blizzard made a deal with Twitch, so as to allow the latter to be the official livestreamer of all the eSports events concerning their titles. Apart from the newly-agreed licensing terms, the studio will also give Twitch Prime subscribers some exciting in-game content for Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch.

Until next year, Twitch will be the only third-party service to stream some of the video game company's eSports tournaments and/or competitions. This includes the highly celebrated Heroes of the Storm Global Championship, Hearthstone Championship Tour and the Global Games and Overwatch's APEX League and Premier Series. As for the critically acclaimed World of Warcraft, this means the Arena Championship, as reported by Fortune.

The publication also notes that Activision Blizzard wants to make history by making an empire in the scene. This is through the hit shooter title Overwatch, which currently offers millions of players. To make this a little bit more interesting, the studio decided to team up with Twitch in order to bring around the hype. This is definitely a good day to live for all eSports fans and players.

StreetInsider notes that Activision Blizzard takes the eSport communities as significant part of the company's goals. So, in a goal to give the eSports fans a better look-see at the tournaments and/or competitions the fans so dearly love, they will be bringing it right to their homes. Of course, this will all be made possible thanks to Twitch. Enthusiasts believe that with this move, the company will soon become the leader in the eSports scene.

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