Android O Has A Final Name And It’s Not Android Oreo

The new Android 8.0 operating system will not go by Android Oreo despite its popularity. Instead, the new OS will be known as Android Oatmeal Cookie or at least that's what the latest rumor is going at.

A website called "Myce" s responsible for uncovering the evidence that the Android O will officially be nicknamed Oatmeal Cookie. According to the website, it found the clues in the "vast library of Android code." BGR posted a copy of the screenshot which shows "oc-dev" and "OC-MR1" a few times.

"OC" can still mean a number of things. It may be Oreo Cookie or Oat Crisps. Before this development, Android Oreo was the most popular choice as a nickname for the Android 8.0. Other suggestions included Android Orange, Android Oliebol, Android Ozark Pudding, and Ox-tongue pastry. During the recent Google I/O event, those who attended the some of the sessions may have encountered the term "oatmeal cookie."

The main rival of the Android O operating system is the iOS 11 from Apple. Both OS are new so very little is known about them. With the few pieces of information, however, it seems like the Android Oatmeal Cookie will give the iOS 11 a run for its money.

One reason why many are excited with the new Android 8.0 is that it provides a better virtual reality experience among Google Daydream users. The Android O will be more equipped to gather all the data on the screen and translate it to a better VR experience than before. According to Android Central, the people behind the new OS is working hard to optimize it for VR as Google prepares for a major update on its Daydream headsets. The new VR devices are expected later this year and the company is banking on the Android 8.0 Oatmeal Cookie to help it out.

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