Fans' Consistent Demands Causing 'The Winds Of Winter' Delays? George R.R. Martin Gives Latest Update About 'Song Of Ice And Fire' Book No. 6

Fans of "The Song of Ice and Fire" books seem to be losing their little patience left in waiting for the sixth installment of the novel to be published. Many are demanding to know the truth behind the delays and are expressing their dismay about the lack of update. Following this, a report claims the fans' unending speculations might be adding to the delay while George R.R. Martin finally answers to comments.

The sixth book of "The Song of Ice and Fire" series, "The Winds of Winter" which was promised to be released this year is seemingly not landing on bookstores anytime soon. As the celebrated author George R.R. Martin was signed to render his writing stints to the upcoming "Game of Thrones" spinoffs, the wrap up for "The Winds of Winter" has been pushed back indefinitely.

Furthermore, another novel being created simultaneously with "The Winds of Winter" titled "Wild Cards" is being taken as another cause of the publication's delay. George R.R. Martin, in his recent blog post, has however made it sure that he will be finishing the last two books of "The Song of Ice and Fire" before he continues with "Wild Cards" which he revealed is a very dear novel to him.

Fans have been plaguing the famed novelist with criticisms as to why he could not finish "The Winds of Winter." There was even a time when Martin was rumored to have given up in writing the novel to focus on other things. Indeed, George R.R. Martin admitted that he currently has a lot on his plate and that there are things about his personal life that he also needs to tend to.

Following all the negative comments coming from the fandom, George R.R. Martin finally addressed the queries writing in his blog "Do you really want or need weekly ['The Winds of Winter'] posts all saying, 'Still working on it, not done yet?'" "You say, 'Give us something,' but it seems to me I have. A number of sample chapters have been posted on my website, and I've read more of them at cons. It's never enough," Martin fires back.

With the debate going down between the fans and Martin, a report writes that the impossible demands of the readers may not be helping the author at all. It is believed that all the pressures that George R.R. Martin might be contributing to his stresses, a reason for him to not come up with more ideas to finish the book.

Martin has however reminded the fans that he has already done several chapters of the book. He reassured the readers that he has already made progress although confessed that he is still far from finishing "Winds of Winter."

Meanwhile, fans can enjoy the "Game of Thrones" Season 7 while waiting for the release of "The Winds of Winter." The penultimate season of the mega-hit HBO fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin's books will start airing episodes on July 16.

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