Overwatch: Doomfist Arriving Along With Summer 2017 Event?

One the most highly anticipated heroes in Overwatch is none other than Doomfist. Although Blizzard has been ditching away any popular theories or rumors about this character, the community did not stop from speculating. Now, in light of a new update, this hype is once again activated.

According to Dot Esports, Overwatch data miners were able to obtain a new code directly from the game's files in the new update called patch 1.13. This one here, though, is currently available on the public test server of the game. For the sake of explaining, PTR allows players to gain early access to any updates and/or contents. Since they do, they are able to provide the studio with feedbacks and whatnots.

Apparently in the game's PTR, when a crash happens, players automatically receive a crash log. Within these notes, there is a file named " Doomfist/Summer Games." Obviously, this is not just a simple error or coincidence. There is really a reason why it is present there, as reported by Express. After all, why would a Doomfist name appear at the very first place?

Rumors suggest that Blizzard is already working to introduce Doomfist in Overwatch. The crash notes that the date miners unveiled were just proof to that. Give the studio's strategy in releasing heroes, this is among their ways to keep the hype mill running. And indeed, it is running with the game's community.

USGamer notes that nothing specific has been revealed about the Overwatch hero, except for the possibility of Terry Crews being the voice behind him. The Hollywood actor has since expressed his interest towards the character. That if Blizzard permits, he wants to be the one responsible for bringing him into life. Interestingly the fandom agrees with him and they cannot even wait to hear his voice. If this code is really true, then players will get to hear more about this forthcoming character in the next few weeks or so.

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