Elon Musk May Be Busy With Tesla And SpaceX But He Finds Time To Play His Favorite Video Games

By Edge Ison , Jun 26, 2017 09:47 AM EDT

Business leaders and tech bigwigs are usually seen as people who are too busy with work or in maintaining their company to while away their time in front of a TV and thumping on those game controllers. Unknown to many, that's exactly what Tesla CEO Elon Musk likes to do with his free time.

Musk is a total geek and that's meant in a good way. He's smart enough to build electric self-driving cars and semis, design underground transportation systems, and potentially send a man to Mars. He's also human enough to enjoy video games, music, and other supposedly mundane things.

Elon is not just a fan of video games, he's a sucker for strategy games and multiplayer online first-person shooter games. Yes, he's just like other gamers out there. Business Insider listed down some of the titles he mentioned before as his favorites. This list includes "Overwatch," "Bioshock," "Saint's Row IV," "Kerbal Space Program," and popular video game series such as "Fallout,", and "Mass Effect." Musk also likes the classics particularly the "Civilization" series and the original "War Craft."

Aside from playing video games, Musk likes to listen to music to relax. According to The Motley Fool, Musk was asked during a meeting with Tesla investors what he does to wind down after a busy day at the office. Like many others, Musk prefers some good music to calm him down especially when he's in the car. Elon mentioned that finding the right kind of playlist that satisfies each person's musical taste is quite difficult. He also said that the current services are "OK right now" but he believes "it could work really, really great."

This is why Musk recently announced the Tesla Heard, a collection of songs that are played in Tesla cars. The Tesla DJ Station will initially be available on streaming radio in the Tesla vehicles but will soon be playable through outside channels courtesy of an app.

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