Duggars Worried About Joy-Anna Entering Marriage Hastily; Joseph And Kendra Caldwell's Wedding Date Revealed

Fans thought the Duggar sisters sent off their young sibling, Joy-Anna, into marriage with Austin Forsyth a bit early, but it was recently revealed that the family also had concerns about their hasty decision. Yet another woman might be facing the altar younger than Joy-Anna as Joseph Duggar and Kendra Caldwell are reportedly tying the knot in October.

The age for marrying within the Duggars seem to be getting younger and younger. Joy-Anna was the latest to say "I do" and she is just 19. Now that she is on her honeymoon with husband Austin Forsyth, people are wondering how she can carry a child at such a young age.

In an episode of the new season of "Counting On," Jessa Duggar confessed that there was a bit of concern among family members about Joy-Anna getting married at such a young age. She had to admit that the move was a bit hasty as Joy-Anna appears to be the youngest among the siblings to enter marriage.

She has, however, expressed her confidence in Joy-Anna's maturity, saying her sister is much wiser than others at her age. She also said that the Joy-Anna and Austin have known each other for years so she is trusting the couple to be ready as they take their relationship to the next level.

Joy-Anna and Austin are now in Israel for their month-long honeymoon. To celebrate their first month of being a married couple, they shared some photos of their time in Israel which had many fans questioning her missing rings. People speculate on Joy-Anna for not wearing her engagement and wedding ring while stepping out with Austin. This added fuel to the fire saying she might not be taking marriage seriously at all.

Meanwhile, another member of the Duggar family is getting married to a fiancée younger than Joy-Anna. Joseph Duggar proposed to the 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell during Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding. This couple is breaking all the records as they had the shortest courtship period that went on for only less than four months before getting engaged.

An uncovered Amazon wedding registry then was recently revealed, exposing the possible date of Joseph and Kendra's big day. Apparently, the two chose to sign Oct. 7, 2017, as their wedding date which will be held in Rogers, Arkansas. However, this might be another trick to cover the real wedding detail which was the case with Joy-Anna and Austin's wedding.

The couple hopes to score stainless steel cookware, a sleek KitchenAid mixer, a Blendtec blender and a fluffy white duvet. Domino's Pizza and Cracker Barrel gift cards are also on the list. Their guests also made some entries already and the couple is having a DeWalt tool set, a flatware set, and a fruit-infused water pitcher.

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