Blizzard Reminds Overwatch Players About How Loot Boxes Work; Calls Out Hoarders

Blizzard recently announced that the overall loot system in Overwatch will be changed. Basically, this should prevent the increase of duplication, something that players have been complaining about. However, director Jeff Kaplan went to remind players of something important.

In the official forum site of Overwatch, Kaplan reminds players that hoarding will not do them any good. Why? That is because the items inside the loot boxes are spawned at a certain time of earning and/or purchase them. So, in a sense, hoarding does not work.

Blizzard has been reminding the community about these for a lot of times already, as reported by PVP Live. Basically, players thought that by hoarding, they will be able to bypass the possibility of duplications and, more importantly, earn legendary skins. The studio debunked this and said that the moment items get generated in the box, they stay there no matter when they are opened.

Nevertheless, the studio promised that this void in Overwatch will soon be filled. Kaplan said that they are currently working on bringing changes to the entire loot system. It should be able to uplift the experience players have with acquiring and opening loot boxes. Above all, the new system should lessen the possibility of getting duplicates.

Blizzard revealed that the aforementioned changes can be expected via the next Overwatch update, which is patch 1.13. It is currently live on the game's PTR (Public Test Realm). This was meant to acquire feedbacks from the community and adjust the system accordingly based on player opinions, suggestions and experiences.

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