Splatoon 2 Latest Update: Game's Release To Have Its Own Nintendo Direct Broadcast This Week

The latest update of Splatoon 2 indicates that the upcoming shooter which will be exclusive to the Switch, will have its own Nintendo direct broadcast this week. This game is but a few weeks away from launch and Nintendo seems to be giving this title the push that it needs. The game developer announced that the video broadcast will start airing from 7 a.m. PT on July 6.

Nintendo also revealed that Splatoon 2 will provide a review of some of the features, game styles and weapons that will be added to the game. The latest update of the game also reveals that that game developer has confirmed its release on Nintendo Switch on July 21. The game will support the Pro-Controller and Joy-Con Controllers.

Splatoon 2's latest update also indicates that it will be compatible with handheld platforms and TV consoles as well. This video game offers both team-based multiplayer and single player modes. Gamers can connect up to 10 Switch consoles if they want to get into a local tournament play. The game will also have a horde mode called Salmon run.

Nintendo is hoping that Splatoon 2 will help in making more Switch sales, although, in itself, the device is already selling well. With an exclusive title such as S2, the game developer wants to maintain the sales momentum of this device. And giving the title its own Nintendo Direct Broadcast before its release might be the key to reaching that objective.

These types of broadcasts are designed to highlight upcoming video games as well as consumer products produced by Nintendo. The game developer usually resorts to this marketing strategy to introduce new products and projects before their release. But these broadcasts also benefit the consumers since they are able to have a look at the features and capabilities of the products or titles such as Splatoon 2 being launched by the game developer.

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