Pokemon GO Latest Rumor: Rare Shiny Pikachu Coming?

There is a Pokemon GO latest rumor going around online that Niantic will release a rare shiny Pikachu presumably next. The rumor says the release will be timed with the game's first-year anniversary event. It seems that a Reddit post is the source of this rumor.

How This Rumor Started

Deciphering this Pokemon GO latest rumor might be a bit complicated. Here's how the rumor started. A certain Reddit user who goes by the name of legoturtle92, a game designer, apparently received an email last Tuesday about an event of which he is a member. The event is the ACM SIGGRAPH computer graphics conference.

While the email described the things that will happen at the event, it also mentioned a strange thing that any Pokemon GO fan will readily notice. It said, Niantic will release a rare Pikachu. Apparently, Niantic will also be participating in the event. And then, there came another news item that supported this latest rumor.

Another Report Seems To Support The Rumor

A report also came out indicating that Pokemon GO will receive a shiny Pikachu very soon. This report stated that this rare Pikachu might arrive either on the game's first-anniversary event or at the upcoming Siggraph 2017 that started last Saturday. Niantic, as have been already mentioned, will also be at the event. It will host a panel discussion called "Evolution of AR in Pokemon GO."

Therefore, it is very likely that Niantic will release a variant of an unleashed rare Pikachu during the event. While Niantic has not released any details about this, there are rumors going around that this will be a Shiny Pikachu. If this is true, then, this will be the third Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO. The first two are Shiny Gyaradow and Shiny Magikarp which were released earlier this year. Like these first two Shiny Pokemon, this upcoming third one may also be hard to find.

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