An Original Live-Action Resident Evil TV series is Reportedly in the Works

An Original Live-Action Resident Evil TV series is Reportedly in the Works
An Original Live-Action Resident Evil TV series is Reportedly in the Works Photo : Chris Hall

Original Live-Action Resident Evil TV series, anyone? Like you, I'm pretty much surely in! If you've enjoyed the movie and game adaptations, there's a high chance you'd be loving the small-screen version. If you miss the thrill of not knowing what lies ahead in the next room, at least in the game adaptation, (yeah, blame the game's mechanics design for that), we're quite sure this Netflix series will keep you glued to your seats. So, who'd going to be the star of the show? Would it be Leon, Claire, Alice, or someone else? Will we get to see some OP characters crushing zombie heads? How about Umbrella Corporation's list of monsters and villains? Who'll lead them?

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A fresh new look

This new highly anticipated Netflix series will have an original story. There, I said it right away. And yes, that's a bit unsurprising. For famous franchises, we often expect them to expand the story to maintain people's interest. Expect new characters and new story angles. After all, you can't really get too much of zombie films and TV shows.

But going back, for fans of the franchise, there's no need to worry. It's still going to be happening within the world of Resident Evil. The plot will run across two timelines. The first one will show sisters Jade and Billie Wesker (if that last name sounds too familiar, congratulations, you're a certified fan), at fourteen-years-old, moving to the all-too-famous town of Racoon City. What awaits them is a puzzle to me as to you. But knowing they're being backed by Netflix, expect that the series will be quite good; well at least during the first season.

The next timeline occurs 16 years after the first one. With the T-virus wreaking havoc on a global scale, the story focuses on Jade. Together with less than 15 million survivors left on this planet, she is trying to survive in a world overrun by close to six billion mutated monsters.

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An original live-action Resident Evil TV series: Who's behind it all?

We've got no one to blame (in a good way of course) than Andrew Dabb. He previously worked as Supernatural's writer and co-executive producer. This time around, he'll serve as the executive producer, writer, and overall showrunner for the series. Bronwen Hughes is slated to direct the first two episodes of the series.

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Where do all of these take place in RE's timeline?

Honestly, based on what's currently known, it's not clear yet if the story will be part of the Resident Evil canon. There's even no release date yet. For now, we've just got to cross our fingers and hope no zombie will bite them off.

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