Pixel 3 Swollen Batteries Are Being Reported by Some Owners

Pixel 3 Swollen Batteries are being Reported by Some Owners
Pixel 3 Swollen Batteries are being Reported by Some Owners Photo : Daniel Romero

Pixel 3 swollen batteries, like any other gadget defects, seriously affects device performance and longevity. Often, failing batteries happen on old devices due to normal wear and tear. However, it looks like Google's Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL are affected by this phenomenon despite just being relatively new to the market.

What happened? How does Google plan to address this? Are we about to see the same fate that happened to Samsung's Galaxy Note 7?

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How it was reported

A Pixel Phone Community thread was loaded with owners of Pixel 3 series who were complaining about their batteries swelling up. The usual hint of Pixel 3 swollen batteries are the rear cases popping off as a consequence of the batteries "expanding". If you happen to own one, we suggest taking a good look if your rear case still sits flush against your Pixel 3's body.

Additionally, there seems to be another issue with Pixel 3 swollen batteries. Wireless charging doesn't work too. This is obviously a safety issue and totally disables the phone's water resistance.

Other than Pixel 3 swollen batteries poking through the rear case, there are other indications that there's a battery problem with the batteries. The phones sliding off the Pixel Stand charger is an additional hint. Other clues also include the case buttons no longer being aligned with the phone buttons, general overheating, and rapid battery life drain.

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Why do batteries swell or become bloated?

You may just be playing too much games on your phone. Maybe, you're charging your phone overnight. Maybe, you're using a charger that's not rated for your device. We'll these could be a possible cause but not really the main culprit. Batteries often experience swelling if particulates happen to get caught between battery layers. Eventually, the build up could puncture the separating membrane between the layers. Once this happens, moisture can have a chemical reaction with the battery cells causing those to swell.

Once the batteries started swelling, affected devices will no longer function properly. They will experience overheating issues, lower battery life, and general performance degradation.

Pixel 3 Swollen Batteries: What's Google doing about it?

According to some affected costumers, Google refuses to provide replacements or fix affected devices. It is because these devices are already out of warranty. However, there are those who claim that Google replaced the Pixel 3 with swollen batteries nonetheless. If, unfortunately your device is one of those affected, don't get your hopes high up yet. It looks like Google is just making a one-time exception for the latter. There's even one Pixel community user who mentioned that the search giant made an offer to replace his phone. This, despite the fact that the device was bought second-hand online.

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