Xbox Series S Restock Update: Price and Where to Buy Online—Amazon, Best Buy and More

Xbox Series S Restock Update: Price and Where to Buy Online—Amazon, Best Buy and More
With the Xbox Series X often sold out, gamers could also consider a cheaper and available alternative in the Xbox Series S. Photo : IGN/YouTube

At this second, almost everyone are struggling to purchase the next-generation console of Microsoft, the Xbox Series X. With the high demand and low stock, "sold out" is a popular theme among major retailers.

However, gamers could also consider a cheaper and available alternative. The Xbox Series S could be the perfect gaming console that is easier to avail.

The Xbox Series S console is often sold in bundles, with an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and additional games or controllers added to the mix. However, stand-alone consoles are also available in the market. Here is a list of retailers you could look out for who constantly have for Xbox Series S restocks.

Xbox Series S Restocks: Online Retailers


Recently in stock - As of time of writing, someone has recently purchased the $379 deal price on this console.

Best Buy

Awaiting stocks - It has been some time since this retailer posted stock updates, so it is due to update some time soon.


Out of stock - Unfortunately, all stocks from this shop are currently sold out.


Out of stock - The main shop has currently sold all its available stocks and are currently focusing their efforts to produce more.

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Currently in stock - Some resellers from this shop are putting Series S on sale for $478.95.


Currently in stock - The retailer is offering some stocks for this console. However, customers are limited to one order and are required to Drive Up or Order Pickup their purchase.


Out of stock - The next-gen console is unfortunately unavailable in this retailer. Keep an eye on their Twitter account for more updates and stock news.

The Xbox Series S retail price is $299.99. The price is subject to change depending on the retailer's policies and marketing strategies. Most resellers have inflated the price with an additional $50-$200 due to the high market demand.

The Xbox Series S is the alternative and cheaper unit compared to the Xbox Series X; however, this does not mean that the model is inferior in performance. TechRadar reported that the Series S has a cheaper price because it has less powerful specs. Less storage, and no 4k Blu-Ray drive. The in-game performance continues to provide fantastic results.

The full features for the Xbox Series S include 512 GB NVMe SSD storage, 1440p with 4k upscaling resolution, 120 fps, 10 GB GDDR6 RAM, 4 teraflops at 1.550 GHz GPU and an 8-core 3.6 GHz custom AMD 7nm CPU. The console also supports ray tracing, 4K game upscaling, 4K media playback and variable refresh rates. Xbox Series S also has Spatial Sounds, Dolby Atmos and Dolby Vision. You can expand the disk space by using Microsoft's new 1TB expansion card.

Xbox Series S is also more available compared to the Xbox Series X. For a better price and a few hardware sacrifices, you can continue to enjoy a next-generation gaming experience!

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