Xbox Series X Restock: How to Get Microsoft's Console for $20 Less

Xbox Series X Restock: How to Get Microsoft's Console for $20 Less
The Xbox Series X console continues to sell out rapidly in the market, but there's a way customers can get it while even saving some money! Photo : Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

The Xbox Series X console continues to sell out rapidly in the market. The competition for the next major restocks also remains high. However, there are other ways to secure Microsoft's next-generation console with a much more affordable price, thanks to the Xbox All Access and its monthly installment plan.

Microsoft's flagship console was first launched in November 2020 and remained the second best-selling console up-to-date. Resupplies have been launched periodically, and updates are posted constantly through online trackers. However, many gamers still find themselves at a loss for buying the Xbox Series X.

Cnet reported that on Wednesday, GameStop launched a restock event exclusive to Xbox All Access customers. This is the retailer's new strategy for curbing the market demand. This is also to discourage resellers who buy and sell the Xbox Series X console at a higher price. It could also appease some of the more dedicated gamers by giving them a chance to buy their own Xbox Series X console.

Xbox All Access

The Xbox All Access is initially Microsoft's monthly payment option available in their online shop. The payment option was available for both Xbox Series X and S. The complete service includes both console and 24 months of Game pass Ultimate membership paid in one monthly fee.

Typically, a standalone Xbox Series X console is $499.99, and a Game Pass Ultimate subscription costs $14.99 per month. For 24 months, the Game Pass Ultimate would cost $360. Xbox All Access charges both for only $34.99 in 24 months. This could save customers about $20 in two years.

The service also extends to the budget alternative Xbox Series S console. Xbox Series S has a standalone price of $299.99 with an Xbox All Access price of $24.99 for 24 months. Buyers can save up to $26 in two years.

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How to Get Xbox All Access Bundles

Multiple retailers have the Xbox All Access bundle in their merchandise:

BestBuy - Pre-Order: The retailer has pre-orders available, so log in to their website now to complete the transaction.

GameStop - Recently in Stock: GameStop held an event recently and might have a few more stocks available.

Microsoft - Out of Stock: Unfortunately, their shop has both Xbox Series X/S currently out of stock. Microsoft encourages its customers to try out other partnered retailers.

Target - Out of Stock: This retailer no longers has stocks to sell temporarily. However, it also limits its sales to one console per customer. This increases other customer's chances of buying when resupplies come in.

Walmart - Out of Stock: The retailer has consistently restocked over these months and should be due for another one anytime soon. Follow their official Twitter account for real-time updates.

Note that there are no application fees, annual fees, or late fees for the Xbox All Access. All plans for any of the consoles have zero percent APY and no added interest. This might be your next big chance to grab the Xbox Series X, so apply for the Xbox All Access now!

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