Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: $2000 Online Petition Update, Other Approved Payments You Can Receive

Fourth Stimulus Check Tracker: $2000 Online Petition Update, Other Approved Payments You Can Receive
The online petition for a fourth stimulus check is ongoing, but there are other payment supports you can receive if you are qualified. Photo : Pepi Stojanovski/Unsplash

If you're still waiting on the fourth stimulus check, then here is a quick update. No approval from the Congress has been given to the online petition of a $2,000 recurring payment. Instead, your money can come in the form of plus-up or other approved payment programs from the government.

The government has the money to support its people financially during these difficult times. The Joe Biden Administration created different programs under the American Rescue plan to divide their budget into specific categories properly. If you are eligible and you filed your requirements correctly, then you might qualify for more than one financial support program.

$2000 Online Petition Update

The stimulus payment plan from the Biden Administration stands as one of the most effective rescue programs available. For that reason, Americans opened up an online petition to continue the support, proposing around $2,000 monthly payments for the duration of the pandemic. The online petition aims to get 3 million signatures. At the time of writing, it has already successfully received the support of 2,293,840 signatures.

The Congress does not indicate whether they plan to approve or reject a fourth stimulus check. Some reports, however, say that a fourth stimulus check is unlikely. First, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi tweeted that the State has overcome the worse of the pandemic, and it is heading for the path of recovery. Second, the budget for a fourth stimulus check might be redirected to pay you through other financial relief programs.

Third Stimulus Check Payment Delays

Unfortunately, some of you may still be waiting out of receiving your third stimulus check. Specifically, you might find yourself falling in one of these categories:

  • Delayed or not receiving any stimulus checks by direct deposit or mail.
  • The check has less money than you anticipated.
  • The IRS sends you a confirmation letter saying the money is sent, but you have not received any payment.
  • The money you received was based on your 2019 tax returns instead of your 2020 tax returns.

During these circumstances, you either receive less money than you expected or no money at all. Fortunately, supplemental plus-up payments are your solution. The government knows it owes you the money, and they're sending it back to you by direct deposit or mailed check.

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Other Approved Payments You Can Receive

Cnet reported that the IRS recently sent out two batches of payment worth more than $3.5 billion. A total of $1.9 billion is sent out as paper checks, while the $1.6 billion is sent as direct deposits. Previously, the IRS also processed two different rounds of plus-up payments totaling around $1.6 billion.

The government has enough money to pay and support you in this time of crisis. However, you need to know where to look and how to apply to receive this money. While waiting out the updates for a fourth stimulus check, you should also try settling your tax and checking for available plus-up payments you are qualified to receive.

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