'Sweet Tooth' Season 1 Spoilers, Questions Answered: Will There Be a Season 2? Where to Watch?

'Sweet Tooth' Season 1 Spoilers, Questions Answered: Will There Be a Season 2? Where to Watch?
As "Sweet Tooth" Season 1 drew to a close, here are some answers to prevailing questions about this hit heartwarming fairy tale. We also take a look if "Sweet Tooth" Season 2 is possible. Photo : Chris McGrath/Getty Images

Viewers are all delighted to witness such a heartwarming fairytale in this adaptation of Jeff Lamire's DC/Vertigo comic "Sweet Tooth" on Netflix.

Now we need to talk about what the series was all about, how it resonated with viewers, and where the narrative could go and, if "Sweet Tooth" Season 2 is coming.

'Sweet Tooth' Season 1 Spoilers: A Compelling Narrative

A "Great Crumble" led to the proliferation of hybrid babies, who are both part human and part animal due to a mysterious virus. Humans would resist them, even hunt them down. Gus (Christian Convery) is a half deer half human hybrid who has been brought, raised and protected by his father Pubba (Will Forte) in a secluded cabin in Yellowstone National Park against the human's hatred for hybrids. These hybrid hunters then killed Pubba when Gus was 9-years old, CBR noted.

Gus soon discovered a picture buried by Pubba underneath a tree that he assumed bore the image of his mother showing the word Colorado on it. As he left the woods and set a fire to search for his mother, the blaze alerted hunters to where he was and tried to murder Gus for sport. Traveler and Last Man Jepperd (Nonso Anozie) emerged, saved Gus, and killed the hunters.

After saving Gus, Jepperd tried to leave Gus, who instead followed his savior asking him to help him find his missing mother in Colorado. Jepperd resisted but remained protective of Gus, who did not let Jeppard abandon him. Together, they went on an extraordinary adventure across the ruins of America in their quest for the truth--about Jepperd's past and Gus' origins, encountering many allies and enemies along the way..

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Where Did Gus Come From?

The biggest question is where did Gus come from?

In his adventures, Gus learned how his life had been a big lie. Thinking his father was Pubba all his life and that his mother was Birdie, Gus was so frustrated and devastated to find out that Pubba's name was Richard Fox, a janitor at Fort Smiith Labs in Colorado, Cnet revealed. Birdie turned out to be a geneticist who used Gus for her experiments, with Gus carrying the abbreviation Genetic Unit Series 1.

Birdie and Richard had gone out on a date when the military stormed into her labs to seize her work. She the left Gus under Richard's care. His exact origins are still unknown.

What Happened in Jepperd's Past

When his adventures with Gus started, Jeppard already had problems with his past. When his wife bore a child, he was shocked and upset to find out his son was a hybrid, Cnet added. He made a run for it but soon returned to make up for his mistake. When he came back, his family was nowhere to be found. That guilt of leaving his family made him help Gus.

'Sweet Tooth' Season 2 on its Way?

With the positive reviews and viewership the series is getting, a second season is certainly on the horizon. It could get into interesting plot twists and story arcs that would involve Gus and Jepperd saving the hybrids from hatred and further experimentation, as well as the search and hopefully the discovery of Birdie so that Gus would finally know the truth about his origins, as noted by Cnet.

The series is produced by Robert Downey, Jr. and wife Susan, as per Buzzfeed. It is available on Netflix.

Where to Watch 'Sweet Tooth' Season 1?

To watch the current season of "Sweeth Tooth", go to the Netflix app on your device or smart TV or visit the Netflix website.

If you don't have a Netflix account yet but unsure of what subscription to get, we provided a detailed guide on how you can register and what options you have to maximize the streaming service.

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