Tamagotchi Smartwatch Digital Pets Guide, Instructions: How to Get One and What to Do When a Pet Dies

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Tamagotchi is celebrating its 25th anniversary this winter and the egg-shaped toy is getting a redesign! With all-new features and functions, even the grown-up '90s kids are going to want to have this.

Tamagotchi Smartwatch

Famously known as an egg-shaped keychain toy from the late 1990s and early 2000s, the Japanese toy company Bandai is bringing the Tamagotchi back as a wearable device for your wrist.

PC Mag says the new Tamagotchi Smart device features new characters and items. It also has touch and voice controls so you can pet and talk to your virtual companion.

To up the "smartness" of this device, it also sports perennial functions like a pedometer, digital clock, and the option to pair devices with a friend.

Like its predecessors, only one pet can be raised on each device at a time, but according to the product's Japanese FAQ page, the marriage of two pets may give birth to the next generation of children and grow into another type of Tamagotchi.

That's new and would definitely be interesting to see when people start tying the knot for their digital pets. Will the children share equal "genes" from both parents and create new characters or will they take on the appearance of just one parent instead?

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Taking Care of Your Tamagotchi Pet And What To Do When Your Tamagotchi Dies

The Tamagotchi Smart has three buttons like all the previous versions of the toy which you use to carry out different commands or functions.

According to Bandai's Official Tamagotchi Instructions, once you've set up your device by turning it on and calibrating the date and time, you're ready to hatch your Tamagotchi, your little alien pet.

Like any pet, you must feed it, clean up after it, play games with it, discipline it, and give it medicine when it gets sick. To carry out your responsibilities for your tiny virtual friend, you simply have to press the A and B buttons to select and perform the tasks you need to do. The C button is usually for exiting out of menus or stopping the game.

A Health Meter with four hearts for "Happy" and "Hunger" will let you know if your pet is happy and full, or if it's sad and hungry.

According to its needs, feed or play with the Tamagotchi until you can fill the empty hearts to bring the Meter back up. If you take good care of your Tamagotchi, it will grow into a cute and happy creature but if you neglect your pet, it will grow into an unattractive alien, the instructions say.

When it dies or, to put it lightly, "returns to its home planet," you can always hatch another egg. To do this, you have to reset your device. Resetting your device allows you to start over in general. So if you want to begin raising a new Tamagotchi, you can "send" your current Tamagotchi back to its home planet with a device reset.

In older models of the toy, the reset button is found at the back of the device and you have to use a dull and thin object to press it down. It is still unclear if this will be the same for the Tamagotchi Smart.

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Tamagotchi Smart Release Date

The Tamagotchi Smart comes in two color options: coral pink and mint blue.

Smart card memory sticks called "Tama Sma Card" offer users an upgraded experience of the Tamagotchi Smart. Users can download additional characters, items, themes, watch faces, and many more features. These will be sold separately for around $10 each.

Tamagotchi Smart will launch in Japan on November 23, however, no announcements have been made regarding an international launch.

These wearable virtual pet toys are expected to fetch for around $58.

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