Ariana Grande 'Fortnite' Concert Schedule, Date, Teaser: How to Watch the Rift Tour Live!

Ariana Grande 'Fortnite' Concert Schedule, Date, Teaser: How to Watch the Concert Live!
The "Fortnite" community is hyped up because the rumors are right! Ariana Grande is scheduled to hold an Island live concert. Photo : Robin Marchant/Getty Images

The "Fortnite" community is hyped up because the rumors are right! Ariana Grande is scheduled to hold an Island live concert on August 6, 3 PM PDT / 6 PM EDT / 11 PM BST. Full details, including how to watch online, are available here!

Despite initial leaks and rumors, players remained skeptical about another in-game concert, mainly because they were busy with Chapter 2 Season 7 missions. However, Dexerto confirmed that "Fortnite" will host another in-game concert for players to watch called the "Rift Tour," with Grande as its special guest.

Whether you're a player or not, Ariana Grande's concert in "Fortnite" is available for online streaming!

Ariana Grande 'Fortnite' Concert Schedule and How to Watch Online

The Rift Tour event is scheduled to start on Friday, August 6. Multiple time schedules and dates for the concert are provided, so you can watch at a time that best suits you.

  • The Americas: 6 August (6PM EDT)
  • Global: 7 August (1PM EDT)
  • Asia & Oceania: 8 August (12AM EDT)
  • EU & ME: 8 August (10AM EDT)
  • The Americas: 8 August (6PM EDT)

For players watching in-game, it is recommended to log in an hour before event time. A few interesting details and clues might be released around the Island. The playlist for Rift Tour will also be available 30 minutes prior to the event.

Non-players are recommended to watch the event via other gamers' live streaming online.

Lastly, guest singers also post the finished concert on their YouTube accounts. Try following Ariana Grande's Channel. The concert video might be posted by August 8 at the earliest.

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Ariana Grande's Rift Tour Concert Event

The previous "Fortnite" concerts with Travis Scott and Marshmello were both a massive success for gamers and music lovers. Both these in-game concerts featured plenty of exciting details like avatar emotes and extravagant visuals, which fueled a lot of expectations for Ariana's incoming show.

YouTuber ImChillz already posted a "Fortnite Rift Tour Leaked Footage" featuring players sliding on a juicy rainbow road. Note that grabbing the glowing blue orbs accelerates the sliding speed.

A blog post from "Fortnite" also confirmed that Rift Tour has in-game quests for July 29 and August 8. Completing these quests would reward players with:

  • Cosmic Cuddles Loading Screen
  • Rift-sterpiece Spray
  • Cloudy Kitty Emoticon

New in-game cosmetics are also added thanks to the incoming Ariana Grande concert. "Fortnite" teased an Ariana Grande Outfit and Piggy Smallz Back Bling coming in the Item Shop by August 4. Players speculate that there might be two different skins coming for Ariana. The first is the glittered outfit in her teaser video, and the second is a Diamond or Crystal outfit Ariana would be wearing in her concert.

Don't miss out on this exciting in-game live concert with Ariana Grande in "Fortnite!" Fortnite Crew members also receive a special bonus if they log in anytime between August 5 10 AM ET to August 9 10 AM ET. The special rewards are:

  • Rainbow Cloudcruiser Umbrella
  • Skye up High Loading Screen
  • Rift Tour-themed Banner

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