'GTA 6' Map Leak: Image Teaser Hints Miami Beach Map Location, Sequel to Vice City?

'GTA 6' Map Leak: Did a Rockstar Games Manager Just Hint a Vice City Location?
A new "GTA 6" rumor teased about South Beach Miami. Theories have been reignited, and some gamers believe this might be the return of "Grand Theft Auto Vice City." Photo : Spencer Platt/Getty Images

A new "Grand Theft Auto 6" rumor teased about South Beach Miami! Theories have been reignited, and some gamers believe this might be the return of "Grand Theft Auto Vice City."

Fans have waited with intense anticipation for Rockstar Games' incoming "GTA 6." Unfortunately, so little information is available for the game through official channels, leaving gamers clinging to every bit of rumor available on the topic.

On July 29, the Rockstar Games' Soundtrack Manager and Music Supervisor, Tony Mesones, shared a picture that sent "GTA" fans to a wild frenzy. This brought a new spread of rumors to the internet community.

Did Rockstar Games Just Hint a Vice City Location for 'GTA 6'?

As reported by Gamerant, the post contained a picture of South Beach Miami. It was accompanied by a pink text caption, "Who said it would be cold???" The whole post was tagged with @rockstargames.

Fans have associated this image with "GTA Vice City." As a result, gamers speculate that "GTA 6" will be connected to the iconic "GTA Vice City" storyline.

The "Grand Theft Auto" franchise is generally an action-adventure game featuring a protagonist living in the rough and exciting part of the city. However, "GTA Vice City" (the fourth main entry for the series) was especially notable for its unique storyline set in 1986.

The important detail to highlight from "GTA Vice City" is that the whole game is set on a fictionalized version of Miami.

Different theories rose from this interesting leak. Some gamers speculate "GTA 6" would be a sequel to the "Vice City" storyline. Others proposed a spin-off or recreation version of the game. Some rumors proposed "Vice City" content is only a small addition to the "GTA 6" world.

For the latter rumor, these gamers suggest that "Vice City" content and the city of Miami could be DLC in development for the "GTA Online" game instead.

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'GTA 6' Leak: Hints New Map

Note, however, that this map leak might be an unrelated post released to tease fans. The picture itself is of poor quality, making it hard to determine if it is an actual image or a leaked image from the "GTA 6" interface.

Rockstar Games has a history of closely guarding its secrets, making it suspicious that a secret would be slipped through its higher-up social media account.

This is not the first "GTA 6" rumor that was teased on the internet. Leaks about a new map of "GTA 6" or its release date have yet to be confirmed by the company.

Also, note that the information and details listed above come from fan theories and leaked rumors. These details are subject to change since "GTA 6" is still in its development.

Fans have waited years for the release of "GTA 6." Unfortunately, they might have to wait a little longer. Official channels have not confirmed or denied any information relating to "GTA 6."

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