Afraid of Your Samsung Battery Draining Fast? How to Disable Fast Charging to Save Battery Life

Afraid of Your Samsung Battery Draining Fast? How to Disable Fast Charging to Save Battery Life
Super Fast charging is convenient and cuts down on the charging time of any supported Samsung Galaxy smartphone. However, it can have negative long term effects on the lifespan of the battery. Find out how you can disable the Samsung Galaxy Fast Charging feature in three easy steps. Photo : Sten Ritterfeld/Unsplash

Smartphone batteries are getting more and more efficient and powerful with advancements in technology, but they can still degrade over time. Samsung users can extend the lifespan of their batteries by disabling one thing: Super Fast charging.

Find out how you can disable that feature.

Samsung Battery Draining Fast

Newer Samsung Galaxy phones are fitted with Super Fast charging features to help users do just that: charge their phones super fast.

It is a very convenient feature, having speeds of 18W, 25W, and even 45W wired charging speeds and 15W wireless charging speed. Users get to have their phones spend less time on the charger and users get to enjoy a generally long daily battery life span.

However, Make Use Of noted that using Super Fast charging can actually have a negative impact on the battery's lifespan in the long term.

Though smartphone manufacturers have developed systems to better mitigate battery lifespan to make sure stress is reduced on the battery when it is charging, it can still aggravate the battery and deplete it of its health. Smartphone batteries naturally degrade over time and with the proper daily care, their lifespan can be preserved for a little while longer.

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Samsung Galaxy Super Fast Charging

The problem with Super Fast charging is the heat it generates which can affect the Samsung Galaxy's battery. The excess heat will cause some damage to the battery over time which can compromise its lifespan, Phone Arena explained.

Samsung Galaxy smartphones that support Super Fast wired charging include the Galaxy S21 series, Galaxy Note 20 series, Galaxy Z Fold 2 and 3, Galaxy S20 series, Galaxy A52 and A51, Galaxy A72, and Galaxy Note 10 series.

Reducing the Super Fast charging feature on your smartphone will bring down charging speeds from 18W to 10W, which can be a noticeable time stretch for anyone who is used to having their devices charge on Super Fast speeds.

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How to Disable Samsung Galaxy Fast Charging in 3 Steps

Here are the steps to disable fast charging on your Samsung phone.

  1. Head over to the Settings menu and go to Battery and device care. Tap on Battery.

  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and tap More battery settings.

  3. Under Charging, look for the option to disable Fast charging, Super fast charging, and fast wireless charging. Toggle those options off and you are good to go.

Simply use your regular charger when charging your phone.

By disabling Fast Charging on your Samsung Galaxy, you can maximize those battery-saving systems and mitigate any potential long-term damage caused by constant Super Fast charging use.

This, however, does not mean you should completely avoid Super Fast charging like the plague. If you are in a pinch and need to juice up your phone in a short amount of time, the feature is really convenient and it will not damage your phone's battery immediately.

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