‘WarioWare: Get It Together!’ To Launch on Nintendo Switch; What To Know Before Sept. 10 Launch

‘WarioWare: Get It Together!:’ What You Need to Know Before Its Launch on Nintendo Switch
"WarioWare: Get It Together!" is launching on Nintendo Switch on September 10. The much-awaited game has got fans itching to get their hands on it. Find out everything you need to know about "WarioWare: Get It Together!" before its release. Photo : Ryan Quintal/Unsplash

"WarioWare: Get It Together!" is launching on Nintendo Switch in two days. The wacky mini-game series has been a much-awaited game since it was announced at E3 in June. Fans are really excited about its release. Here is everything you need to know about "WarioWare: Get It Together!" before its release.

What Is 'WarioWare: Get It Together!'?

"WarioWare: Get It Together!" is the ninth entry in the 'WarioWare' series, Dual Shockers explained. First introduced to the market on the Game Boy Advance and last seen on the 3DS and Wii U, the new 'WarioWare' game will find a home in the Nintendo Switch world.

Wario and his crew got sucked into the game they were developing. They need to beat a series of microgames, or they will end up stuck in the game world forever. Nintendo Life added that the games are wacky and only need the control stick and one button to play. 

Wario's crew members each have their own wacky powers as well, and each of them can approach the same micro challenges in different ways. However, players do not get to have the whole battalion at their disposal from the get-go. They have to work their way to acquiring more of Wario's chumps by clearing more stages.

It will take a while for players to feel bored with "WarioWare: Get It Together!" as it contains over 200 microgames. Paired with the different ways the players approach the games, the combinations are almost endless.

The game also supports multiplayer mode with up to four players. You also have the Variety game mode and the Wario Cup with weekly challenges against other players around the world.

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Critics' Review: 'WarioWare: Get It Together!'

Reviews of "WarioWare: Get It Together!" have been very positive so far. VG247 commends the game as a "wonderfully infectious game to play alone," but sees that its true value will be its multiplayer mode. 

To IGN, the game is an "absurd delight," and Game Informer considers the microgames a "nice treat if you're in an eccentric mood," but both IGN and Game Informer think the staying power does not really stick. Game Spot thinks that the new and different characters were a welcome addition, giving the game more life.

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'WarioWare: Get It Together!' Release Date and Price

"WarioWare: Get It Together!" will be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive on Friday, Sept. 10, Dual Shockers said.

The game is going to be available in both physical and digital forms. The game will retail for $49.99 in both physical and digital formats. Usually, Nintendo prices its Switch first-party games at $60.

Physical stores like Walmart and GameStop will have it available on the morning of the day of release.

For those interested in purchasing the game digitally, it should be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop at midnight, ET in the U.S. The game can also be pre-purchased on the eShop and have it preloaded ahead of time for players eager to get on to playing it as soon as the clock strikes midnight.

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