Apple iOS 15 Release Date, Features: 4 Special Upgrades You Should Watch Out For

Apple iOS 15 Features, Updates: 3 Unique Upgrades That You Should Try Now
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Apple's latest iOS could be released some time next week. Fans have bookmarked Apple's "California streaming," scheduled on September 14, with suspicions that iOS 15 would debut in the event.

For what it's worth, though, some of the iOS 15 features have already been released ahead of time.

Historically, Apple September events debut their latest iPhone series. Then, the company would release its latest version of iOS a week after. Many fans already expect Apple to debut iPhone 13 this Tuesday, which means iOS 15 could officially launch on September 21.

How to Watch iOS 15 Release Date: Apple California Streaming

According to Cnet, Apple California streaming will be an online-only event on September 14, 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET. The event will be live streamed through Apple's official webpage. Other users can also watch through their smartphone or Apple TV app.

To watch the event, head to their website. Note that the video will  automatically appear at the scheduled time. Prior to that, the webpage uses a standby photo with a description "Apple Event." The official YouTube video is also embedded below.

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Apple iOS 15 Features: 4 Special Upgrades You Should Watch Out For

A lot of new features will be added on iOS 15. Some of the details were already leaked at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC 21) earlier this year. Notably, other features upgraded are long-time requests from many Apple users.

Cnet reported the details of these features;

4. iMessage Improved Interface

iMessage will have improved functionality and sharing options. Whenever a friend sends multiple photos, they appear in a collage formation that lets users quickly swipe across. Shared multimedia content like photos, news articles and playlists can later be accessed in a new storage folder called "Shared with You."

3. Apple Maps with Extra Features

Apple further improves its technology through Apple Maps. Information like elevation data, road colors, driving direction, 3D landmarks, improved night mode, and rich labels will be added with iOS 15. An exciting feature is the new "AR walking," where users can use their phone to scan nearby buildings in the area to help the iPhone determine the precise position.

Extra features added in Apple Maps include weather warnings. The app will notify users of dangers like flash flood-prone areas and suggest alternate routes to avoid the area.

2. FaceTime Major Upgrades

Apple will also upgrade features in FaceTime through iOS 15. FaceTime will offer spatial audio, where the user could hear the speaker's voice based on their position on the screen. FaceTime will also use utility tools like grid view, calendar schedule, scheduled calls, and share links of ongoing or incoming calls. FaceTime calls can later be accessed by Google Android and Microsoft Windows users too.

1. Face ID, Facial Recognition and Digital ID

Apple also announced upgrading their Facial ID technology to recognize users even with their face masks on. Identity and security will be improved through the new iOS 15 feature that lets users carry digital versions of government-issued IDs. Apple will automatically recognize its user with the data taken from their Face ID, Facial Recognition, and digital ID.

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