'Battlefield 2042' Open Beta Frustrates Players With AI Bots: 'Terrible,' 'Toxic' Remarks Surge

‘Battlefield 2042’ Open Beta Frustrates Players With AI Bots: ‘Terrible,’ ‘Toxic’ Remarks Surge
"Battlefield 2042" players expressed their frustrations less than a day after the start of the game's open beta start. Photo : Paula Bronstein/Getty Images

"Battlefield 2042" players expressed their frustrations less than a day after the start of the game's open beta. AI-controlled bots took over the game in an overwhelming numbers, leaving only eight real players in a 128 populated server. Fans posted their reactions and memes on Twitter.

The highly anticipated "Battlefield 2042" officially started open beta on Wednesday. Gamers who pre-ordered "Battlefield 2042" or subscribed to EA Play received an early access advantage to play the game immediately. Open access, where the game will be available to everybody who downloaded it, will start this Friday.

Fan hype skyrocketed with "Battlefield 2042." The latest "Battlefield" installment showcased amazing graphics and an updated user interface. Unfortunately, players were quick to notice one obvious problem in-game.

'Battlefield 2042' Open Beta Problems: AI Overload

Looking past the expansive combat and exciting map, many players found their "teammates" unresponsive. Some were moving erratically. Others were too slow to return fire. Even worse, some of these "players" would suddenly stand still in the middle of a killing field. It was later discovered that lobbies were predominately populated by AI players, with the appended "AI" identifier on their usernames.

According to Windows Central, "Battlefield 2042," developers discussed adding bots to populate the large 128-player servers. This is to emulate a full war atmosphere and heavily populated fights. Developers from Electronic Arts said, "AI Soldiers are intended to play the game like how you would play it yourself. You will see them undergoing certain tasks such as using the vehicle call-in system and engaging with vehicles, or capturing objectives."

Developers also promised players would "rarely" face more bots than players. The open beta, unfortunately, broke that promise.

Reddit user SynergyRamoz posted an in-game experience in "Battlefield 2042." A photo was attached with the caption "Only 8 real players and rest BOTS." The player said in the 11 matches that they played, there were barely 15 real players in the lobby.

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Battlefield 2042' Open Beta Frustrates Players

Fans posted their complaints via tweets and memes on the internet. Here are some of the best and funniest gamer reactions:

Twitter user BravoIntel asked the public opinion on "Battlefield 2042" AI bots.

Another gamer memed AI bots taking over "Battlefield 2042." The post mentioned "50 bots across both teams," implying a 100 bot and 28 real players match up.

Twitter user BillyEatWorld opened a question about "Battlefield 2042" bots evolving beyond expectation.

 On the flip side, some AI bots are very good at shooting, to the point of toxicity.

Twitter user Dillon tweeted all the problems found in 'Battlefield 2042" in detail.

 Another gamer also complained about "Battlefield 2042" feeling similar to "Call of Duty."

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