'Far Cry 6' Crashing on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X: How to Fix the Massive Problem

'Far Cry 6' Crashing on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X: How to Fix the Massive Problem
Is your "Far Cry 6" crashing on PS5? Gamers on PS4 and Xbox Series X also complain about the same problem. Photo : Emma McIntyre/Getty Images

Is your "Far Cry 6" crashing on PS5? Gamers on PS4 and Xbox Series X also complain about the same problem.

Ubisoft released an unoptimized version of "Far Cry 6," making its lag, stutter and crash regardless of the gaming console. Fortunately, there are some tips that could help fix the problem.

Earlier this week, "Far Cry 6" PC gamers found something odd. The newly released game would suddenly freeze and crash even with the best hardware specs available. The problem gets worse especially in-game, when intense gunfire would create laggy gameplay.

YouTuber Ultimate Gamerz ran "loading time and FPS" tests on "Far Cry 6" for PS5 and PS4 Pro. The YouTuber discovered significant lag problems on the PS4, which caused the game to load slower. The same problem might apply to gamers on Xbox Series X/S.

Fortunately, Game Revolution listed fixes available that should improve FPS and "Far Cry 6" gameplay for PS5, PS4 and Xbox Series X/S.

How to Fix 'Far Cry 6' Lag and Stutter Problems

First, gamers should always download new patches and updates. "Far Cry 6" should receive regular updates that improve quality and technical performance. Players can visit Ubisoft's official website for more information.

Second, gamers should run an internet connection test on their ISP. Poor internet connectivity creates lag and stutter for "Far Cry 6," especially during co-op play. At worse, the game would suddenly freeze or crash.

Lastly, ensure that your gaming console is not overheating. Note that hardware issues also contribute to the "Far Cry 6" loading problem. Players are suggested to place their console in a well-ventilated area or even purchase their own cooling stand to help improve its performance.

Also, keep in mind that some gamers complain about "Far Cry 6" screen tearing issues. Unfortunately, the game does not feature performance mode or v-sync functionality. Gamers are forced to wait for developers' updates and patch releases to fix this problem.

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How to Stop 'Far Cry 6' From Crashing on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X

Another problem encountered with "Far Cry 6" is its crash issues. Gamers would be ejected from the game and forced back to home screen without warning. This type of problem is caused by hardware and software issues.

As previously mentioned, gamers should keep their gaming console (PlayStation or Xbox) in a well-ventilated position. Playing "Far Cry 6" at high settings would force the machine to work overtime, often creating heating problems. When a gaming console nears its limits, it automatically closes heavy processing applications, such as the "Far Cry 6."

Aside from the cooling stand, consider cleaning up the hardware for dust, especially around its internal fan.

Second is the "Far Cry 6" software issues. Although this problem does not apply to everybody, some games might crash on specific platforms. Players have to inform developers of this type of issue so they could release a patch fix and improve game stability on the next update.

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