PlayStation 5 Console for the Holidays? Sony Direct Opens New Registration for a Chance to Snab One; Here's How to Register

PlayStation 5 Console for the Holidays? Sony Direct Opens New Registration for a Chance to Snab One; Here's How to Register
Sony PlayStation 5 will be available again this November. A Sony direct registration will happen on its website. However, only limited amounts of PlayStation 5 will be sold. Photo : CHARLY TRIBALLEAU / Getty Images

Sony's PlayStation 5 is one of the most popular and in-demand gaming consoles in history. Unfortunately, there is a huge difficulty in purchasing a Sony PlayStation 5 since its release.

If big chain stores, such as Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy get PlayStation 5 restocks, the consoles will always be sold out within a matter of minutes.

Major stores have all repeatedly reported shortages with their PS5 supplies.

Restocking of Sony Playstation PS5 consoles

According to Republic World, there was a short PS5 resupply for these retailers just this year, which happened so quickly, and was immediately sold out.

Before the restocking, stores had been out of stock of the next-gen console for the longest time since it arrived in November 2020.

The same problem affects Amazon, GameStop, Walmart, and Best Buy.

Although GameStop and Best Buy restocked quickly, they are still limited in numbers and are unable to provide consoles to everyone who wants them. Furthermore, Walmart hasn't had a new supply in a long time, along with Amazon.

Where can I get a PlayStation 5?

Sony's PlayStation 5 is sold out as of the moment, and customers who used to purchase through Amazon, Walmart, or GameStop could not secure one for themselves because of unavailability.

However, avid fans can also check the Sony PlayStation website for updates and adjust their plans on purchasing accordingly.

You can also follow PS5 restock trackers to see which stores are having some restocks.

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How To Get PS5

With that said, Sony has opened up a Sony direct PS5 registration system that will give the people in the United States an opportunity to purchase the gaming device themselves just in time for the holiday season.

The Sony direct PS5 registration will be happening via the official website.

According to the gaming giant, invitations are limited and are going to be selected based on the user's interest in its PlayStation activities.

However, as expected, there will only be a limited amount of gaming consoles available for purchase.

Players who wish to purchase the next-gen console needs to sign up for registration in the official PlayStation website. After signing up for the PS5 purchase, an invitation to purchase the PS5 gaming console will be sent to the email address you provided if you you are one of the fortunate enough to have been selected.

The email invitations will begin to be sent out starting November.

Each invitation will get you access to one PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 5 Digital system. Unfortunately, it will also have a deadline. If you sign up, keep a watch of your emails in November. It is very important to note that if selected, there is an expiration time and date entailed to the slot sent to you.

Due to the continuously increasing demand for the PlayStation 5, Sony will be limiting one pre-order transaction per customer, and that each invitation will not guarantee a console immediately.

According to Sony PlayStation, you can also purchase the following, a PS5 console or PS5 Digital Edition, DualSense wireless controllers, including the bundles in Cosmic Red or Midnight Black colors, DualSense wireless controllers in white, PS5 Media Remote, and PULSE 3D wireless headset.

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