'Solo Leveling' NFT for Sale: Price, Release Date of Kakao NFT

'Solo Leveling' NFT for Sale: Price, Release Date of Kakao NFT
Popular webtoon series are now joining the NFT industry. Kakao will launch its first-ever sale, featuring "Solo Leveling" NFT on Klip Drops marketplace starting January 12. Photo : JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

A popular webtoon series is now joining the NFT trend. Kakao Talk will launch its first-ever sale, featuring "Solo Leveling" NFT, on Klip Drops marketplace starting January 12.

Nonfungible Tokens (NFTs) is a rapidly growing industry that features ownership over digital assets. The non-interchangeable unit of data, which represents digital files like photos, videos or audios, will be stored on the blockchain like a digital ledger.

An NFT marketplace features sales over products like memes, games and sports memorabilia. More recently, Korean webtoons have taken an interest to join in the hype.

Kakao Talk NFT for Sale: 'Solo Leveling' NFT

Kakao Entertainment plans to debut its NFT sales with one of its best webtoon series called "Solo Leveling." This is a manhwa adaptation from a web novel of the same title. According to The Korea Herald, this globally acclaimed IP has recorded over 14.2 billion views worldwide. It has scored fans in North America, ASEAN countries and more.

Kakao Entertainment officials explained that "along with film, drama, game and animation, the NFT will innovate and lead the trend of webtoons' secondary creation. Our company seeks to elevate both the individual IP life cycles and the webtoon industry with the collaboration of the global blockbuster IPs and rising digital asset NFT," per The Korea Herald.

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How Much Is 'Solo Leveling' NFT: KLAY Tokens

Kakao Entertainment will launch two NFTs drawn by the "Solo Leveling" webtoon illustrator Jang Sung-rak. These will be two iconic scenes in the final arc of the story. First is a snapshot from the 172nd episode, where Sung Jin-woo is in the middle of the battlefield. The second NFT is the last scene where Sung Jin-woo meets with Cha Hae-in.

Both NFTs will sell exclusively on Klip Drops starting Wednesday. Interested fans can check on the sale by visiting this website. At the time of writing, the "Solo Leveling" NFTs are pinned on the top of the website.

Note that these two NFTs will feature different prices and a number of copies. They can be bought using KLAY tokens, a cryptocurrency created by Kakao Corp. A KLAY token is worth $1.32 at the time of writing, per CoinGecko.

The 172nd episode NFT will have 200 copies and will sell for 100 KLAY coins. The last scene NFT will have 100 copies and will sell for 500 KLAY coins.

Fans interested in buying can get them both for 600 KLAY coins. Anyone who purchases a "Solo Leveling" NFT will also be eligible for additional deals with other NFT collectors in the marketplace.

Webtoon NFTs: Kakao Entertainment NFT

Kakao Entertainment seems excited to adapt the NFT technology. Based on their representative's statement, there might be more webtoon and novel-inspired NFTs joining the marketplace later this year.

It is hard to determine if this sale will be successful in the market. For now, fans are recommended to bookmark the page and watch out for more updates in the coming weeks. Fans who are interested in buying should also prepare for the sale. Be warned that stocks will only be available while supplies last.

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