Wrestler Chyna Died Due To Drug Overdose Not Suicide, Says Manager

The passing of wrestler Chyna came as a surprise, especially with her cause of death still a mystery. The female wrestler-turned-porn-star died at the age of 46 on April 20 in her home at Redondo Beach. But if her manager was to ask, it is drug abuse that took her life.

According to Los Angeles Times, Chyna's manager Anthony Anzaldo believes that Chyna's intake of Ambien and Valium, a sleeping pill and a tranquilizer, respectively, caused her death. Nonetheless, she is said to have taken the said drugs legally as prescribed pills.

Chyna, Joana Marie Laurer being her real name, has taken the pills for at least three weeks. The catch, however, as stated by Anzaldo, was that she utilized them improperly. So it is only safe to say that her death was due to drug overdose rather of suicide.

Anzaldo claims that authorities would not be able to "find 60 pills" in the wrestler's stomach.

As per the Los Angeles County coroner's office, it could take several months before any toxicological test results can be acquired, if Chyna's death is to be ruled as an overdose.

NBC News reports that assistant chief Ed Winter has deemed the case unclosed, as it is too early to justify Chyna's death. But as soon as the test results come, they should be able to give out further information.

Chyna reportedly died while sleeping on April 17. Her manager Anzaldo found her dead around 3:30 P.M. on April 20 after he failed to get in touch with her.

Laurer was not only a professional wrestler, as she also entered the adult films industry under Vivid Entertainment. She was the first female wrestler to ever compete in the titular WWF Royal Rumble.

There have been citations about drug abuse being a common issue in the professional wrestling industry. The like of Ravishing Rick Dude and Brian Pillman have both died from complicated heart diseases, though the death of Chyna cannot simply be related just yet.

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