Comcast Acquires DreamWorks, Increases Data Cap To 1 Terabyte!

Comcast has a lot of good news to offer today -- from acquiring DreamWorks to officially announcing the increase of its data cap! This is surely a huge step for the company as well as for its customers.

According to Wired, the company recently bought DreamWorks animation on Thursday for a total worth of $3.8 billion. Such move does not only mean a rivalry with Disney, but it only goes to show how family content is of utmost importance for Comcast, a mass media company.

Acquiring DreamWorks would mean massive improvements for Comcast's future, particularly its entertainment contents in the days to come. Above all, the company now has the opportunity to take hold of "Kung Fu Panda," "Shrek," "Madagascar" and "How To Train Your Dragon."

Steve Burk, NBCUniversal CEO, said that the acquisition of DreamWorks will help Comcast deliver a more dynamic film branding, as well as a library packed with rich intellectual property.

It should be noted that family films nowadays have proven to be a massive hit at the box office. Hence, Comcast's decision to acquire DreamWorks has a guaranteed return of investment.

But the good news do not stop there, as Comcast also announced the increase of data cap up to 1,000 GB (1 terabyte), as reported by CNN. Not only will such cap provide customers access to videos worth 700 hours but it will also allow them to download a rough estimate of 60,000 high-resolution images every month.

The only catch, however, is that Comcast customers will have to pay more (which is only right, anyway). If they are paying between $30 and $50 extra for unlimited data plan, they are now bound to pay a total of $50, which will be added on their regular bill.

The said data cap will be implemented by Comcast come June 1. The company said that the move was a result of customer feedback -- that the customers have been wanting to have a smooth access while surfing, streaming and downloading -- whatever they want to do online.

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