Will Ferrell To Star As Ronald Reagan; President’s Family Not Happy

Will Ferrell is best known for his jokes and/or comedic stunts. And now, he is set to produce a comedy about Ronald Reagan. While it is sure to bring forth lots of laughs, the late U.S. president's children do not seem to agree.

Ferrell is expected to star as Reagan in a film that centers on the president's unfortunate dementia during his 1985 second term, as reported by The Guardian. The movie's screenplay will be from Mike Rosolio, who is best known for his popular undocumented scripts in Hollywood.

The screenplay is reportedly deemed as a "hilarious political satire." Will Ferrell will play the role of the ambitious intern, who aims to convince the dementia-stricken U.S. leader about his identity as an actor playing the president in a film.

However, Patti Davis and Michael Reagan, the daughter and son, respectively, of the late commander in chief are not happy with Ferrell's latest project. For them, the upcoming Reagan film is but an "outrage," according to Entertainment Online.

"What an outrage," the younger sibling Michael tweeted. He went on to say that the Alzheimer's disease is not a "joke," as it kills and that Will Ferrell and the rest of the people involved in the project "should be ashamed."

Davis, on the other hand, wrote an open letter to the actor, stating that the 48-year-old actor has grown ignorant about the said disease and other sorts of dementia. That had he known about it, he probably would have not found the topic humorous.

Davis added that although those years (referring to the late president's life) were full of laughter, they were nothing close to being humorous.

Will Ferrell has since appeared in different comedy sketches, one of which includes his recent role as George W. Bush. The upcoming film is yet to have a director as well as a financing scheme.

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