Death Of Prince Due To Flu? Authorities Investigate Drug Abuse

Pop music legend Prince surprisingly died on April 21 at his house in Minnesota. Since then, rumors have been circulating about his passing. His manager believes that his death was due to drug abuse -- painkillers, in particular. But just recently, there have been reports claiming that the musician's death is due to a severe case of flu.

It should be noted that Prince's death happened a week after his reported emergency landing in Illinois. He was believed to have taken a prescribed medicine called Percocet, which is a painkiller that consists the common opioid oxycodone and the acetaminophen.

Although the said painkillers cannot simply be removed from suspicion, the death of Prince could also be due to a nasty incident of flu. According to Vice, there are painkillers that can make any sort of flue worse. And if codeine, a cough suppressant, is proven to have taken by Prince, then there is a possibility that it caused him his life.

Codeine is said to make the body and brain stop from coughing. While it is an effective suppressant, it can provide risky conditions, leading to a more severe flu complicaitons.

It is worth noting that around 3,000 to 4,000 people in America die because of flu each year. And while such illness is common to the young and elderly, it can still bring death even to the healthy ones.

CNN, on other hand, reports that the authorities are conducting all necessary investigations on the death of Prince. They are said to primarily focus on the musician's source of medication.

In fact, the authorities are looking at an angle, particularly Prince's sudden plane landing in Illinois. They believe that it could have been a result of the unexpected reaction from the pain medication.

Prince was then given medical attention to what appears to be a drug overdose. He was reportedly brought to a nearby hospital in Moline, Illinois.

Prince was 57 when he died at his house in Minneapolis suburb.

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