Will Ferrell Withdraws From Ronald Reagan Dementia-Stricken Movie

Notable actor-comedian Will Ferrell was supposed to star in a satire film about the late dementia-stricken U.S. President Ronald Reagan. However, the commander-in-chief's son and daughter, Michael and Patti, respectively, were not happy about it. And surprisingly, the "Get Hard" actor has reportedly withdrawn from the project.

According to USA Today, it was Ferrell's unnamed representative who broke the news about the actor's decision to remove himself from the Ronald Reagan film, which centers on the time in which the late president had shown symptoms of the Alzheimer's disease. It later killed him in the year 2004.

Ferrell has since been interested in making the Ronald Reagan project a reality. However, just recently, his rep said the actor is no longer involved. His camp also clarified that Ferrell as well as his team have never deemed the film an "Alzheimer's comedy" as coined by everyone.

Vulture, on the other hand, notes that the said disease is indeed not funny; hence, the family of Ronald Reagan can be completely understood. It should be noted that the late president's children were the first ones to let out their frustration when they heard about the project.

In fact, Ronald Reagan's younger son Michael called Ferrell and his supposed project an "outrage" and that Alzheimer's disease, as well as other illnesses in the world, is not a laughing matter, so people involved in the film "should be ashamed" of themselves.

Patti also voiced out her thoughts, telling Ferrell to "visit some dementia facilities," in hopes that he can distinguish the fine line between the disease and the joke.

And sure enough, Ronald Reagan's siblings got what they wanted -- Will Ferrell, through his representative -- made the world known that he is out. Also, a Ronald Reagan with dementia movie will never make it into the big screen.

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