Microsoft Cortana Bids Goodbye To Non-Windows Search Engines, Browsers

Microsoft has came up with its own way of helping their users about any requests. From asking where their files have been kept to where the nearest coffee shop in town is, Cortana got it all covered. The only catch, however, is that it only integrates with Edge -- it no longer connects with various search engines.

According to Computer World, Microsoft started blocking their rival search engines on Thursday. The company opted to allow Edge and Bing as the only search providers that will launch once users utilize the Cortana Box. Search marketing general manager said that the move was to ensure the deliverance of proper "integrated search experience," something that was primarily designed for Windows 10 only.

It should be noted that the Cortana search box is the one users can find at the lower left of their desktop. And by default, it uses both Edge and Bing. But with several browser extensions from third-party providers, users can make Windows 10 Cortana utilize search providers and/or browsers of their choice.

There are also various ways for users to bypass both Bing and Edge in the past. One is that they simply have to use Mozilla Foundation's titular Firefox as well as the Chrome Browser from Alphabet Inc.'s.

However, when Microsoft released an update for Windows 10 on Thursday, Cortana's default browser choices were locked, as reported by Wall Street Journal. The company believes that the old process allowed users to use search engines that were not tailored to work accordingly with Cortana.

Microsoft also explained that they can better provide user experience if -- and only if -- Bing and Edge are used. For example, if a user searches for the nearest stores, not only will the products be displayed but the nearest locations as well.

Hence, if their rival browsers are used instead of the default ones, delivering such feature is a shot to the Moon. And sure enough, with Microsoft's move to glue Bing and Edge to Cortana, users will veer away from the likes of Mozilla Foundation and Google.

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