'Battlefield 1' Update: Game Plays Around 'The Great War' History, Fantasy

When "Battlefield 1" was announced, it sparked interests from fans and critics alike. While the game is yet to hit the shelves, many have paid close attention its historical details about World War 1.

The game is being developed by EA Dice, while Electronic Arts will be in-charge in the publishing task. With the official "Battlefield 1" reveal trailer, many tried to crosscheck its accuracies with that of World War 1.

While the game seem to stick with vehicles and equipment from the aforementioned era, Kotaku reports that it still has a number of inconsistencies. After all, these errors -- be it intentional or not -- could still be a valiant display of artistic license in one way or another.

The armors, as featured in the trailer, were quite fancy and are a total departure from the traditional ones utilized in World War 1. But not just that as they also appear to be heavy, something that would bring strain to soldiers.

There are also soldiers wearing armors of a particular army, but the weapons they carry are of other entities. Well, one could say that they could have gotten a fallen enemy weapon.

While these inaccuracies are certainly obvious as per "Battlefield 1" trailer, it is safe to say that EA Dice might be playing between history and fiction. If there are elements from "The Great War," fictional aspects are also inevitable. After all, it is a video game.

Engadget, on other the hand, notes that what fans see in the trailer might not entirely be the backbone of the game. So instead of picking out the inconsistencies, it is better to appreciate the creativity of the developers.

"Battlefield 1" is expected to be released on Oct. 21 this year. From there, one can certainly judge the game's historical accuracy. But then again, it is worth noting that it is a fictional game -- imagination is a must.

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